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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GRASSCHOPPERS, Mar 3, 2000.


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    i am looking at buying a trac vac system is there a better system out there? i was told they work great for spring clean ups but not fall why would this be?
  2. smithf36

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    I have used a Trac Vac for about the past six years and they work great for pulling behind a mower and picking up leaves and trash. The only problem I have had is that the grass needs to be pretty dry for it to pick up everything. Hope this helps.<p>Joe
  3. HOMER

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    I have recently purchased a Trac-Vac unit for my Scag ZTR. I am waiting for the grass to really kick in to form a &quot;real&quot; opinion. So far I like the way it works. I am a little unhappy with the throttle position, when the bucket gets full and starts blowing trash at you, the only thing you can do is reach back and get crap all over you to shut it off. As far as picking up debris.......the other day I went to dump it and a little chinese man fell out!<p>It really SUCKS!<p>Homer
  4. Mowin4cash

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    I have the Trac Vac 462-Z on my Dixie Chopper. It's one of the most valuable tools I have. It's great for collecting leaves in the fall, especially when used in conjuntion with a dual blade setup. All that leaf dust can be composted and sold to other customers. Only thing I would change would be electric start and throttle from the seat. <br>

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