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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAOgdin, Feb 10, 2002.

  1. CAOgdin

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    My, aren't some of us superior to customers here! Clearly, the customer with money to spend is--according to some of you--just a jerk to be dealt with through insults.

    I'll take the response as given: You didn't have a clue how to solve my problem, and there's just too must testosterone poisoning evident to admit you don't know.

    I won't be back, I promise. I found my solution...but not through any help from "the experts" who are so sure they know it all. Wow, and I glad I'm not in your service areas!
  2. Chuck Sinclair

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    Sounds to me like you are just a PITA female to me!!! i'm in your service area and would NOT waste my time on customers like you.
  3. jeffyr

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    This is my first time visiting the irrigation guys are bonkers !

    Hey Jersy you know anybody in Bergen County to recommend ? I have a couple of customers that I am trying to push irrigation on but nobody to refer them too.


    jeffyr :jester:
  4. greasemonkey

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    I try not to be mean to people who i don't agree with or who I find to be execptionally out of touch or unintelligent, but sometimes.......

    Seriously, when CAOgdin told us that she wanted to make a map of her sprinkler system lines, it became obvious to me that she was not really thinking. Sprinkler Guy said it..."When they break they will leak and you will then know where they are." Until then who cares where they are? As far as knowing the location of pipes for the purposes of expansion, if you know where the valves are, you know where the main line is. It's been my experience that pipes can usually be found near heads too.

    The heads, valves and tap are the "critical points" everything in between (location wise) does not make a huge difference and was put where it was because that was the easiest way for the installer to do it.

  5. HBFOXJr

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    And they wonder why we're cranky! How did a person who is capable of rational thought and purposeful action make the purchasing decision?

    My experience in similar cases is that they invited price contractors to the proposed project and then shopped for price again. No one educated themselves or listened and believed a legitimate, knowledgeable guy when he spoke.

    Actually engineers have been very good clients for me because I can talk in terms they understand. Doctors and lawyers are good to me. If there are any problems where we don't see eye to eye and their way will adversly impact the project they want done or tarnish my reputation, I simply tell them that we do it my way or no way and why and that in this area I'm the professional. Haven't had one walk yet.

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