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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by real57vetteguy, Oct 10, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    My friend who has quite the impressive machine shop and I both have a lot of steep slopes 40 degree or steeper around our homes. We have talked for years about building a remote mower. Well long story short its built, right now we are using the wheels and tires from the wheel chair, I am wondering if anyone has and plans or drawings for a track driven unit. I would like to convert this to a track style mower?


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    I think Wright Mower advertises on this forum has RC Mowers.
  4. real57vetteguy

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    Well our first one went really well. I decided to change the idea of the track drive to a 4 wheel drive with some aggressive tires. I was afraid of tearing up the grass on the slopes with the tracks. I never found any plans etc so we just made our own design.
    The mower in progress now will have a 30" cut, 4wd, 20hp briggs, and you can adjust deck height via remote.
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    What is the liability? Keep in mind I am mowing my personal lawn only, I dont have any nearby neighbors.
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    I think that would pretty much take care of it.

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