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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by allaccesslandscaping, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. allaccesslandscaping

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    Ive read here and other places that the#1 reason most people go with a certain name skid steer is the after sale service. To me thats the number one reason to go with a company.....

    Know I know eveyone has there company they like for whatever reason...bobcat250 the name says it....unscrapper cat....Etc..

    I live in the Bay area in california.... I probley the only one with this unigue situitan I have A john deere,mustang,cat,bob,ghel,dealership within in 30 mins of me

    T:D hey all let me demo there track manchine T190, ml16 by mustang etc. to me the ml16 by mustang was the best manchine not by far... They all have there pro and cons....this will be my first big purchase lets say its my xmas gift...Can i get and unbias please on your guys opinon on the mustang...

    I will say the sells guy did not over sell there machine ... They said take for a week and you tell us ... ...Cat was the most expensive.. I look to use the machine 30 hrs a week.
  2. Tigerotor77W

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    You didn't list Case and NH -- are they not in your area, or are you not looking at them?

    Also, what do you want to do with the machine? That'll have perhaps the biggest influence on what brand of machine to buy, all else held equal.
  3. Green Pastures

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    If you buy a machine based solely or primarily on cost you are making a mistake.

    Look at:


    Think about cost per hour and how much work you can accomplish per hour.

    I found that the difference in operator comfort between machines made for more productivity.

    I bought a Cat 257B and cannot tell you how happy I am with my machine.
  4. Squizzy246B

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    Mustang is very popular down here and I believe one of the best performing in the smaller end of the market. I was talking to one of our competition yesterday. He has a Mustang, a Bobcat and a Thomas. The Thomas was in pieces all over the workshop floor. The Bobcat was leaking oil and the Mustang was out earning money.

    I'd test the dealer by doing a price check and availability on some parts just to see if their talk converts to service.

    I rang Cat yesterday for a left side Decal sticker which I scratched up. It had to be the big one with "246B" on it. It turned up this morning and they rang wanting to know if I needed it couriered down.
  5. allaccesslandscaping

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    I will be using my machine for moving rock and dirt back and fourth... I thought all the machine was good when it came to comfort.. IAm a pretty big guy @ 6'2 245... The 257 is a awsome machine ...but i still want to keep my arms when i operated it $$$$$$$$$$$$( hahah)

    As far as part they all said if they dont have them in stock they can get it the next day... Each one of them also said I will never be with out a machine...If mines is ever down for a day or more they will loan me one..
  6. allaccesslandscaping

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    No case or new hollland in area.. I heard that new holland has a awsome track machine out
  7. Marek

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    I was just talking to the Cat rep. and asked how much to replace the tracks alone, he said 5k but you normally will have to replace some of the boggie wheels at the same time.To replace the whole undercarrige was 12-15k. That seems a bit extreme to me.Im wondering if he was wrong on the #s as he was a new salesman
  8. Scag48

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    Maybe $12K-$15K if they gutted the entire undercarriage and replaced the drive motors and everything else in there. New tracks and bogies would probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of $7K I'd guess, I'm sure Uniscaper will be on here, he'll chime in as he has a little more experience with MTL's.
  9. Canon Landscaping

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    New Holland is going to have the cat pilot controls in the spring and they are coming out with a track machine based on the ls170 frame. If you call cat and price all the undercarriage parts not including the motors it runs 12-15k
  10. Scag48

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    Well, come to think of it, that almost makes sense. A comparable sized track machine vs. a skid steer is about $15K-$20K more. But in all reality you should never have to replace the entire undercarriage until you hit the 3,000 hour mark, in which case the machine has more than paid for itself.

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