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    Looking for input pros/cons to tracked dumper. Not talking about the big ones looking more at the smaller ones that can carry 3-5 tons. I have a job coming up that is far away from pavement and involves digging slop and putting rip rap in around a pond and doesn't want a lot of turf damage (Main reason why it is being done in the winter).
    Thought a small tracked dumper would work nice but no one around rents one. I am just going to use a skid steer, but using a grading bucket and dumping into a skid bucket isnt the easiest in the world. So it got me thinking about other options like a tracked dumper.
    Thought about a dumping hopper for the skid like BC Ron had, but saw how he bent it the one time.

    so any thoughts?

  2. alldayrj

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    How much material are you moving total? If its more than a few trips its still going to require turf restoration.
    Slop and rip rap would probably kill that dumping hopper but other than that they look like awesome tools if you can locate one.
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  3. ksss

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    IHI builds a quality track dumper.
  4. djlunchbox

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    yeah, how much material are you moving? how far from pavement? any hills? is your skid a tracked model? plywood has worked well for me, but depending on how far you're going could be a big cost if you don't have enough.
  5. AEL

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    I own a canycom s25a . Holds about 2.5 tonne payload and let me just say it is awesome. Machine paid for its self in the first job it was used for . Have about 250 hours on it now and it hasn't skipped a beat. Kubota motor on it so you know there not going to be a problem there. The dumping hopper rotates 180 degrees which is a huge reason why I purchased the canycom over other units . I have had way more people then I can count come onto my jobs asking about the machine. I used it on a job I have back in my picture thread were It tracked over the same spot well over 100 times and I didn't have any turf repair to do. Granted the rotating hopper saved a lot of movements that would of ripped up the ground and I placed a piece of plywood on the one corner I had to turn on.
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  6. Digdeep

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    I've seen a guy running an AUSA site dumper with turf tires virtually no damage and I think it had a 2.5 ton skip capacity. Terex makes them too.

    NEUSWEDE LawnSite Bronze Member
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    about 30 yards going out and 30 yards coming in. Slop is going 100 yards in one direction and and have to go 100 yards in other direction to get the rip rap in. All on a slope. This job is next week so no way I will find a dumper in time, just got me thinking of how useful it could be. Will my roll off on the truck I could drive in and dump, less tearing. Found some quailty used ones. I can't seen it being used daily or weekly but for those jobs where it would make life easier.

    TSS- I like that unit, the dump being able to turn is a nice feature and the seat being able to turn 180 is nice too. Found a new unit price on Ebay and damn they are not cheap.

    Dig deep I have seen the 4 wheel articulating dumpers before but think I would want the tracks as opposed to tires.
  8. mxridernorth

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    Dumpers (wheeled or tracked) are great as they can carry more and have a much higher top speed than skid steers however there is a point at which they don't make economical sense - and this is one of them. Dumpers also cannot manage the spoil pile so unless you have the room or another machine at the dump site, you will be overrun with one low pile.

    A ss in high speed can theoretically cover 100 yds in approx 30 seconds with roundtrip being 1 min. Assuming you can't actually travel that fast, give yourself 1-1/2 or even 2 minutes per roundtrip. Now assuming that you can carry 1/2 yd (of slop) per trip, that is 60 round trips. 60 trips at 2 mins per roundtrip is only 2 hours of shuttling. Not a lot in the scheme of things.

    Also, I wouldn't discount a wheeled dumper. Since they articulate, they cause a lot less damage when turning than a tracked or fixed wheeled machine.
  9. Digdeep

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    Wheeled dumpers are much faster than tracked dumpers, they articulate and cause little damage and they're 4WD so they can get through most ground conditions.
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  10. Matteo30

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    I have four of the terex rubber tire dumpers that we use regularly. They hold 4 to five yards. Two are sitting right now. If interested let me know.
    You could move that amount of material in one day with these. I live in central MA

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