tracked wheelbarrow

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by hardscaper, Apr 1, 2002.

  1. hardscaper

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    I just called the company in the link, didn't get the guys name though.
  2. dan deutekom

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    Diginahole If you ever want to try the Honda one out the Seabrooke rental in Lindsay has one. They will even deliver to Port Perry.
  3. yorkpaddy

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    I know exactly what i'd use one for. The construction company I work for has done two excavatations inside basements in Washington DC. One was through a foot of concrete with two layers of rebar 20 feet long by a foot wide and 2 or 3 feet down for pipe. The other was through 6 inches of concrete and then down 4 feet into drt in a 5`x5` area for an elevator pit.

    In both cases we carried the dirt and concrete out in 5 gallon buckets. This thing would be great for that

    Is there anyway you can configure a dingo to go through 36 inch doorway?
  4. hardscaper

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    Just thought I would let those know that are interested on how we are making out with the tracked wheelbarrows. We purchased two units and have been very impressed with them. They have been running 8-12 hrs. per day for about a month and my laborers are very happy with them. We were even able to cut back on part time help with a 64% increase in bookings. One site had a twenty five degree hill for 40 yards and a 36" entry, I am convinced we finished that one at least a week earlier with this machine. We have used them in house basements, on rooftop gardens and on two island jobs that had limited access. If you're considering these units I would highly recommend them.

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