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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by General Grounds, Apr 7, 2007.

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    :confused: late last year my walker started pulling hard left, tried to adjust the sticks but still no good, the right hydro pump wyned badly so i replaced it thinking the pump was the reason why it pulled left. well same problem as last fall and im stumped. any help?
  2. tomo

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    hello, go and purchase a manual it explains it well .In a nut shell adjust str levers to a spec then the pumps on the adjusters to a neutral rotation of the drive wheels [wheels jacked up ].
    U may discover linkages r worn and/or the hydro pulley is worn out on one side also. This will influence the above procedure eg machine will require adjustment to allow 4 this generally reducing forward speed .

    Numerous tensioner designs for the ground drive belts, v belt and the micro- v
    Ground drive pulley wear is common [5x pulleys] [3x idlers ]
    There is also an upgrade 4 the tensioner arm pivot bearings

    Experienced all of the above .

  3. tomo

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    Which model is yours , the above details is after my own experience on my 2x walkers both MT model.


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