Tracking device draining battery? Thoughts please!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Lone Mower, Dec 3, 2018.

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    I have a new mower that has been in the shop several times for a dead battery. No the key is not been left on as the manufacturer is saying! I'm not sure about the amp draw on the tracking device but the dealer saying there's no way that the small amout of draw is causing the issue. I dont use the mower every day since I'm just starting out in the lawn business and my thoughts at this point is to could use a battery maintainer to stop this from happening again. I will be picking up the mower in the morning and sometime soon me and a buddy will do a complete amp draw test on the machine. Any thoughts?
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    You need to find another dealer. It is a new machine with a warranty. You did not post what mower/engine you have but if you want to, go to the mfg website and download the wiring schematic. Study it and with an amp probe or dvom, you will be able to determine the excess voltage draw, if there is one. Is the charging system working properly? Has the battery been load tested? There are too many unknowns.
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    New battery for the third time and charging system is working fine. 27 hp Briggs engine.
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    How are you going to perform an amperage draw test?
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    First thing I would do is disconnect the tracker for a few days or more to prove it isn't the cause.
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