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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ryall Landscaping, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Time for maintenance should be from the time you leave the shop till you finish that yard. Job b time is from the time you leave job a till you finish b. Last job of the day is from when you leave the previous job till you arrive at the shop.
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    Did you choose "professional services" or "contractor" for you version of QB?
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    There is a weekly timesheet that you can use to add time by the customer/job. It's extremely simple to use.
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    When you work for someone else you don't have to worry about bookkeeping, sending out invoices, maintaining equipment, and other things that you DO have to consider when running your own business. These are behind the scenes work, obviously important to keep tabs on, however generally not considered when looking at the efficiency of your daily route or work routine. You can hire a bookkeeper, or office worker, and then you'll be doing the same thing with her or his work, that is checking how efficient and productive they are in getting work done since that's money going out of your pocket.

    Another thing... It's obvious that if you have a crew doing work on a time and material basis, the longer they work at a job site, the more the client will be billed, and the more money you make. Your productive income ratio may go up, but you may lose all your clients. On the other hand, when your contracts are on pre agreed rates, then you have to watch your time very closely.

    Lastly, you may look at your maintenance route and efficiency and think that it sucks. You find that you've under estimated doing some jobs, even after reorganizing your routes and drive times. Do you cut jobs short and do shabby work, or do you settle for being less than perfect and perhaps even fess up to some clients saying that you underestimated their jobs?
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    How do you figure you may loose clients if you have some T & M clients? You still budget their time and staff accordingly. Its just that you have the freedom to do what you need to do to keep the place in top shape. So if you need more time you massage the schedule.

    Estimating job times has zero to do with routing, that is unless travel time is a line item in your bid. No amount of scheduling will fix a bad bid. If the bid is bad you better fix it quickly. That may mean asking if the quality you are providing with the existing bid is up to their standards or raising their rate and spending more time to raise the level of quality, let them decide.
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    Does any one keep track of there hours? We use Timescape and it keeps track of all the services that we do and the hours we spend doing the service for each customer. Awesome program, My business has changed for the better when we started to use it 2 years ago.
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    Let me ask this....
    Does any business use the information that they receive from there workers to better understand whats going on in the company. Their is a lot of companies that think they make money but they dont. How much per hour, per worker does your company need to break even and how much per hour, per worker does your company need to make a 20% profit? I want to see who can anwser these questions.
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    detailed records are best to see how much you make compared to time you work in any part of your biz and for the possibility that you might sell it someday. Records would help that also.
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    This is a good question and deserves its own thread. The short answer is it changes with every billable hour. The more employees you have producing income theoretically the lower your rate could be and still make a profit. I compartmentalize each crew, so each crew has its nut and the company has its own administration nut. This makes it easy to do projections. As more crews are added the their portion of the administration nut becomes less and less.

    There is an extensive thread on this, the link is in the first 5 posts of this thread.
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    The problem is that even with T & M clients, many of them aren't going to give you carte blanche freedom. They will still want to know roughly how much they're going to be charged to get the work done. If you underestimate the work required at a weekly maintenance account and continually end up charging the client twice what he was expecting, then that could cause problems. That's all I'm saying.

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