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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Ryall Landscaping, Jul 16, 2009.

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    any time you spend money on the comapnay it's a BUSINESS expense.

    any time you spend on the company is working.

    here reading these post is time spent on the company
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    That's funny, my first company with a partner was Carte Blanche Gardeners, anyway. For me the T & M accounts are reserved for accounts that are so large that when there are variables it throws the normal so far out of whack that a fixed rate is not fair for either party.

    For instance a windy week can increase the time to clean from one hour to over three hours. If you have to check 14 stations of sprinklers and there are no problems might take 20-30 minutes, You get a few clogged heads or one that was run over now you are pushing an hour. The grand kids come over and get out all the toys and they are spread from hell to breakfast and it takes 30-40 min to get them all put away, Or they run the quads over some landscape lights and we are replacing stakes or fixtures. You still have to give them a budget or norm but if you are so inexperienced that you are off by 100% well then you probably have no business doing the property in the first place.
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    Whats the question?
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    Ya, about that... Just ingnore it I had posted a question late last night about your post. Then I realised it was a stupid question.
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    That makes sense, and the idea is to be fair for both parties. Of course with accounts so large as you mention, there becomes less the task of keeping track of non production time, such as drive time between accounts since it wouldn't exist.

    I often use a T & M rate in conjunction with a fixed rate, and probably a lot of guys do this. Most of us probably have had clients who wanted something done beyond the scope of our normal work, such as line trimming a pasture when your normal fixed rate is only based upon their yard care.
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    Stillwater ---Ok, just checking
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    By the way, Az Gardener, I read the posts on the thread that you started a couple years back on production ratios. It’s interesting how some people define what production time is, and how they calculate things differently than most. Consider drive time, which I typically feel isn't production time, however some people do. Years ago when I worked for someone else, I took care of an account where the client paid for two hours of drive time on top of the typical one man-hour of labor. While it would be easy to say that the drive time wasn’t productive, it nevertheless was billable time at a fixed rate. And, if you get paid for two hours of drive time, but you drive it in an hour and a half, then some people would look at that as having a production or efficiency rate over 100%, as I think Mac did in your thread.

    I suppose that I could take any maintenance account, such as one where the client is charged $40 for service, but then rethink those forty bucks as actually being $30 for service and $10 for travel time and then gloat over a 100% efficiency rate.

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