Tracking parts - Inventory and Getting it Billed Properly

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Hank Reardon, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Hank Reardon

    Hank Reardon LawnSite Senior Member
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    How do you guys/gals keep track of your inventory? We currently have everything inventoried and tracked in the system but sometimes stuff doesn't get billed and therefore removed from stock. This creates problems with lost revenue (small but it adds up) and internal order points (we don't order when we need to).

    Anyone using a bar code system?
  2. lehrjetmx

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    Just switched over to Money 2007 from an older version whiched worked well for me but I'm pretty small. Its good for single items not good for bulk like boxes of heads or bags of fitting unless you use the entire box or bag on the job. I break it up into pieces but it works for me.
  3. zman9119

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    This is something that I am looking into for this winter and I would really like to have a system in place by this spring.

    Our construction \ maintenance side uses CLIP which is a nice program if you are only doing static set-weekly routes or one-time projects.

    The programs that I have found so far that will do inventory and dynamic routing would be Hindsite Software (RainBird CMS - same program, different pricing). I like the way Hindsite will allow you to have on-site billing and inventory management via a PDA. I am looking at ServiceCEO right now also (I just haven't watched all the videos yet).

    Right now I have a Access database that has 400+ items listed in it but that does no good except to look up items.

    I am always open for any program that others are using. Suggestions anyone?

  4. Hank Reardon

    Hank Reardon LawnSite Senior Member
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    I should have mentioned that we currently are using QuickBooks Pro. It maintains inventory through purchase orders, physical inventories, and invoicing. This is all fine and dandy if the information from the field is accurate. I am having problems keeping it up-to-date doing it all myself. I need a better in-field system in place before I can send someone else out on a job and expect it to be maintained.

    I thought if there was a wireless bar code system (labels on the bins) that could be downloaded and integrate with QBPro, I'd have this problem solved.

    Heck, while I'm at it, have it keep track of service call time too!
  5. kozmo

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    I have been using hindsite programs for 4 yrs now it is a money maker and a time saver and it dose inter-grate with quickbooks love it.

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