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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by matt25738, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. matt25738

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    So after doing a lot of reading, I've realized how important Time Motion is to our industry. I've designed a template that lists client, weather conditions, total time on job, time spent weed eating, time spent trimming bushes, time spent spraying/pulling weeds.

    My question is, am I being too detailed or not detailed enough??

    Also whats the most effective way yall have found to save this data?? I've been looking into creating a database in Access. Anybody had any good luck this way?
  2. 32vld

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    Your over thinking this.

    As you do your work you look for ways to avoid taking extra steps, motion, anything that wastes time. Such as excessive record keeping.

    I use a stick edger then go to a line trimmer. One day I realized that if I started at right of the driveway and walked the property perimeter in a CCW direction with the line trimmer. I found that I wound up on the left side of the drive way. Then go up the driveway and around the house in a CCW direction and would wind up where I started at the Right side of the driveway where I started from.

    I eliminated all back tracking. Which saves time. All done without an excel spread sheet.
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    Spreadsheet, and you are not over thinking. You need a qty of some thing you are tracking time for. Simply time and task are not enough info. Once you get the data, use it and don't continue to accumulate it.
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    I am using an Android Smartphone with an app called Time Recorder Pro which allows me to set up customers, rates, categories of data collected. It allows the exporting of that data into a .csv file to or to an email. It also allows the timesheet to be synced with a google calendar.

    Worth the 2-5 bucks I paid for it.
  5. CCA Green Services

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    gI was thinking of the same thing a while ago... I would love to see how to setup a spreadsheet like.. If someone could drop me an e-mail "" of this that of spreadsheet... I will B so grateful....:cool2:

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