Tractor 3-pt hitch to mini skid attachment?

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by AWilsonCreativeServices, Sep 1, 2014.

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    This may be a stupid question, but I figured if anyone else had ever thought about it, it'd probably be on here. I accidentally purchased an old tractor last week (1949 Ford 8N, with the flathead and front distributor). I'm pretty inexperienced with tractors, save having run a bushhog for a few hours here and there and having driven a few in parades.

    Background- A business friend of mine had it. He moved out of his house on some acreage and left it behind because it didn't run and the new owner didn't care. His "new" home (on some acreage) was a family member's that already has a 1951 8N, so he wasn't pressed to go get the old one. He mentioned it to me a few times over the past year, and finally mentioned a price low enough I decided I was interested in it ($600). It hasn't run in about a year, and hasn't been used regularly in abt 2 years. He says it had carb. problems, he replaced the carb and couldn't get it to run, so he got mad at it and quit lol.

    So, we went and got it last week and it's now mine. I have been doing a lot of research on them, and am obviously pretty excited. Here's my actual question:
    I know that there are conversion 3-pt hitches that allow the use of full-size skid steer attachments. I have a mini-skid steer (Toro Dingo) and wonder if anyone has ever considered making a 3-pt-to-mini-skid adapter. The tractor and my Dingo both have about the same HP, and are similar in their weight-lifting ability. I already own mini-skid pallet forks, buckets, a platform,boom pole, etc and know I could make use of them. But what about things like my trencher, auger, boring unit, tiller, cultivator, etc? I know there are PTO shaft-to-pumps produced. Could one be found with adequate pressure that I could have some flat faced couplers made for?

    Sorry for the long post. I know people will say that I could just buy the attachments made for a tractor, but I already have invested a LOT of $$ for a 24 yr old in my mini-skid steer setup. I will be buying some land/a shop in the next year, and feel that the tractor will benefit me there and in its ability to do things I can't currently do like bushhog and do more rough gradework than my Dingo (a real box blade and a real bushhog will be purchased for that stuff, of course). Thanks for the guidance and advice in advance.
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    I've never seen such a conversion. Someone may have fabbed one up in their shop, but I haven't seen it and certainly haven't seen one commercially available.

    BTW, be sure and get an overrunning PTO for that 8n. Otherwise, when you push in on the clutch to stop, the gyroscopic force of the mower keeps pushing the tractor forward. Many a fence has been taken out by an old 8n without an overrunning clutch.

    The good news is that they are cheap at places like Tractor Supply.
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    I thought 8N's were only strong enough to pull a wagon in a parade, or sit in an antique tractor collection. I did run a 5 foot bushhog through a thin horse pasture with a 9N back in 1964. I was 11years old.
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    I have a 1949 8N with the flathead and the distributor in front, or should i say behind the fan. Those tractor's made 22 HP from the factory but with those 65 year old block's, it's more like 15-16 now. I don't think i would put any money into one. Even at full power i would worry that dingo attachment's are too small, but they really are a hobby tractor.
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    A Wilson, I thought of that myself. Have a 3 point tiller that we used to use with a kubota tractor and a sk 650 ditch witch. I though if there was some type of coupler from a newly mounted hydraulic pump to the shaft of the tiller. Did you ever get it to work
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    We have been working on other projects this winter, and after reading the consensus that it wasn't really worth fooling with, I did not pursue it further.
    I know I have seen tractors fitted with a PTO hydro pump and small reservoir (maybe for 3pt hitch backhoes?). I thought one of those + a 3pt hitch-to-miniskid plate would be the way to go.
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