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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Painless, Aug 21, 2011.

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    I've got a Kioti, and while it is a good machine there are some quality issues, specifically the ignition switch. Other electrical systems seem to be a little sketchy as well. Mechanically it's great. It can sit for two months and it fires right up as though it ran yesterday. My biggest issue is dealer support. The dealer that sold it to me stopped carrying the Kioti line, so now I have to order parts online.

    For your size property I would agree that 30hp would be minimum, and 4WD a must.

    FWIW, before my Kioti I had a little grey market Yanmar, and while the Kioti is much stronger and faster, that Yanmar never missed a beat and didn't give me any trouble the five years that I had it.
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    28-45 hp 4x4 should be enough for all your needs on 15 acres.

    Case or Kubota seem like the best bet to me.
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    I have a Kioti DK 35 and have owned it for 10 years, has around 1600 hours on it.
    I have been very pleased with this tractor. Works great and has been very reliable.

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