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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Moose's Mowing, Feb 17, 2014.

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    Just sold my shitbox of a Kubota B3030. Looked at a Bobcat 230 today with 800 hours. It was beat up pretty bad and it died on me in the parking lot when I was playing with it....I passed on that one, but I did like the tractor itself, just not that one. Lots of power on the loader.

    Now I found a 2004 JD 4310 and a New Holland TC33D.

    The JD has the widest wheelbase, the strongest lift capacity on the 3 point and the loader. And it's got a 72" bucket. But it's got a weaker rear PTO hp

    The New Holland is pretty comparable, but lacks some lifting capacity compared to the JD, but both are still stronger than my old Kubota. I read good things about both. Not too many bad things. Read one thing about the NH breaking in half something due to running a backhoe or something. The JD had some issues with the electric PTO switches. I'm not real fond of those, I prefer a lever. The JD looks more comfy with two separate foot pedals for the hydro trans and looks like a nice place to have the loader valve as well. The NH has the loader valve in the same place pretty much, but I think it's got the heel/toe drive pedal. Not a fan of those after using one like that on the Kubota. I've read JD uses a lot of plastic nowadays, not sure about the NH but I think those are all metal body panels. The JD is heavier as well, which is good.

    Any advice, pro/cons on either of these two machines? I'm not real brand loyal, so if you got any suggestions I'm all ears so long as it's not a Kubota. NEVER again!!!!!

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