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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by befnme, Jul 19, 2005.

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    i got a customer that needs a 25 acre tract bush hawged the tractor rental is 225 with the trailer.they dont rent the bush hawg but i got one here at home its a 2003 5' squeeler much should i charge to use my cutter.or should i just jack the price per acre labor to cut.also i need help to bid the labor on this job it has some pines as big as 20 ounce pepsi bottles.whatta yall think?
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    i grew up on a farm doin that kinda stuff, and i'd say, if you don't have experience leave it alone... if you've done it before, and feel confident you can do it and not destroy equiptment (easy to do) i'd try to find a bigger mower than a 5 footer.
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    We do bushhogging by the hour. Even if i rented a tractor, I would charge by the hour. Tractor rates around here vary from $35 to $80 perhr. $80 get you a 65hp 4x4 tractor and a 6ft bushhog. First time cutting a place will take longer than mowing a place that you are familar with. You have to watch out for hidden stuff you cant see under the grass, old stumps, rocks and holes. Once you have mowed a place a few times you usually remember where all the bad stuff is hidden. The charge for future cutting are based on how long it took for the first cutting. When chargeing by the hour you also need to tack on a minimum charge. I charge $40 just to show up and this is tacked on to the hourly rate. For 25 acres, I would probably waive the $40 minimum since i would be there for a while but chargeing the minimum helps for those little acreages that dont take long to mow. If renting a tractor, I certainly would add on the rental fee. Just because you are renting the tractor and not owning the tractor doesnt mean you should discount your rates either. If you tear up that rental you have to pay to have it fixed the same as you would if you owned the machine itself. Mowing 3-4in pines with 5ft squealer bushhog means you will probably tearup your mower before you get done. The squealer brand isnt intended for sever duty. Its a homeowner model made for cutting tall grass and weeds.

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