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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by bruce z., Aug 19, 2005.

  1. bruce z.

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    We have about 1 acre to mow, mostly flat with trees here and there. Need a snowblower for long driveway and parking area, [we have a b&b].Recently started thinking about a loader to do various jobs around the property, 4 acres, some woods etc. We're looking at the Simplicity Legacy 4wd vs. Deere X 5854wd. The Simplicity dealer is right in town [1 mile away], the Deere dealer is about 35 minutes away in good weather. Price is pretty close between the two. The wife likes the John Deere but I'm leaning towards the Simplicity. What to do? I'd appreciate any help I can get. This is my first tractor purchase.
  2. MowingInAZ

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    I would go with the Deere. I think that the power would be plentiful, and it can definetly accompish your tasks. You can't go wrong with a Deere.
  3. sarasota lawn care

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    dont worry about the drive to the jd dealer, they are had to break
  4. Ironmower

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    They are both very good machines. However, I would go with the John Deere just because the X-series will more than likely be around longer (meaning as in new production) making parts cheaper and more readily available than for the Simplicity, as Simplicity just doesn't have the sales base JD does and they will probably charge more for their parts when that time comes.

    But as far as the JD X-585, the engine in it is bulletproof. The Legacy is a good machine as well, but its components will probably be a little harder to find support for in the future.

    Simplicity is owned by Briggs and Stratton now.
  5. True Cut Lawn Maintenance

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    But with simplicity you get a floating mower deck that is almost entirly indipendent of the machine and you get the striping roller too

    i have two simplicities one for the house and one for biz and i would put them up against anything for cut quality infact the cut quality is better than deere
  6. Smalltimer1

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    I had a Simplicity Regent 4211 2 years ago. It cut fine, but the lift system broke on it, and the parts were NLA, so I had to fab up one from scratch.

    The JD deck is independent as well, and it uses a partial roller on each side and one on the front in the middle and in the rear.

    The only real advantage the Simplicity has is that it could be a better striper out of the box without mods. After you leave the dealer, its all down hill from there for parts and support.

    The carb kit for that 4211 I had was $45, and that was for the little 11hp Briggs. The carb kit for my JD 140 and JD 300 with cast iron Kohler K-series engines were only $11.95 each.
  7. lb59

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    But you can't get A FEL and a Back Hoe for the JD like you can for the Simplicity.
  8. Smalltimer1

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  9. Guthrie&Co

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    go deere. its like chosing between a bmw and a damn pinto for petes sake.
  10. Smalltimer1

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    I wouldn't quite say that. The Deere is my preference because of the superior dealer network and support. The Simplicity is also a first class machine, but it is harder to find parts for, and most of the Simp dealers are very proud of the parts they do have.

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