Tractor Comparisons: 4200 vs 855

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by wilsonbh, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. wilsonbh

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    Looking for comments about two tractors. Both tractors are in pretty good condition. Both are loaders with turf tires. The 855 is selling for $6500 but I can get the bigger 4200 for $7500 (maybe a little less). Both are HST tractors (hydrostatic transmissions). The 4200 needs a new hood and side panels (missing actually) but runs fine.

    Anyone care to comment on these two tractors? Which one is the better deal? Would appreciate any words on this.....

  2. ac4510

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    The thing that you have to ask your self is that what you are going to use the tractor for. HP wize they are very close. The 855 is alot older then the 4200. the loader on the 4200 does it have a 410 or a 420 loader the 410 loader is capable of 7 to 8 hundred pounds were as the 420 loader is capable of over 1000 pounds. The bucket on the 410 or the 420 loader is alot bigger then the one on the 855. If size is a issue apt for the 855 if size is not a problem look at the 4200.
    I have a 4115 with a loader I like it alot the only thing that it sucks at is finnish cutting grass. I wish I would have bought a 4310 and a zero turn.

    Hope this helps
  3. wilsonbh

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    Yes, it helps some. Mainly confirms what I already know. I guess my biggest concern with the 855 is it's age, but it's in great condition. Would have to pick up a belly mower in time though and I know they are pricey. I'll probably opt for the 855. Thanks for responding....

  4. Buster57

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    How many hours on the 855? It is one of the most proven tractors ever made buy JD, and the 4200 is not.

    Age is not the important factor the number hours and history is. How were both tractors used? Was either rental yard returns? Bad history. Were either tractors used for estate maintenance? That could explain low hours-good history.

    If you find a 955 HST that may be the best CUT ever made.

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