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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Jul 8, 2001.

  1. was pulling with a ZTR got rid of it and don't want to keep doing it that way keeps blowing out hydros 300lbs on a 48" aerator

    look at getting a tractor
    using a 48" to 60" aerator

    want some recomendations on size and brand 4X4 tractor
    what are you guy's using?
  2. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    I've heard some guys use atv styles 4 wheelers to pull arerators.
  3. Eric ELM

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    Air cooled ATV's are getting hot and guys are going to something else to pull with. I went from a 430 JD tractor with 3 point hitch to using my ZTR to pull mine. On bigger lawns it is much faster to use the ZTR. If you have a ZTR with heavy enough hydro system, I feel that is the best way, but you need one that is heavy enough for traction on hills. I don't think my gas engined Chopper would be heavy enough for this, so I used the diesel Chopper this spring and I probably will never use my JD again for this.

    If you feel you need a 4x4 for this, I would go with a small utility tractor. If you go with a ATV, get the biggest one you can get and a water cooled engine.
  4. I had a Ransome Bobcat I was using and couldn't afford to keep fixing it (hint POS)

    I have 3 Lazers and don't want to subject them to that abuse

    ATV would be good but I still want to use the tractor for other 3PT attachments (I have a 3pt spreader) like box blade, aerator, speader, brush hog, etc... and the front loader would be nice toooo....

    would a 20hp - 25hp diesel all hydro be suffent

    looking at Kubota and JD for about $10,000
  5. Lawn DOG

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    I got 2 Ryan Lawnare 28's, 1 Ryan barrell roller for the slopes and 1 gravely pro 28 w/hydro barrell lift also great for slopes. I was thinking about getting something to pull behind my Yamaha Grizzly for the larger yards. Ryan has a real nice aerator for 3 pt hitches. Might get on for my 955 John Deere.
  6. andyslawns

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    a freind of mine has a 26 hp disel kubota. It has 4 wheel drive and a 3 point hitch. it is an awsome tractor i think he gave 11,000 for his. He uses it for de-thatching, areaiting and rolling, it also can with a 61" deck. If i where you i would go with a kubota. just my 2 cents worth!
  7. eco.lawns

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    Does it look unprofessional to use an atv to aerate a residential lawn?
  8. hondarancher4435

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    some customers may not prefer it but if you keep it slow don't act like your playing around on it it should not be an issue. i use mine to haul brush and push leaves on some cleanups.

    you gotta do what you need to to make money if there is one customer who decides to flip out about it and you just can't reason with them than maybe their not a customer worth having.
  9. MOW ED

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    I am going to say it depends.
    It depends if you are using the thing on a 7500 sq ft postage stamp which would be not so good or a 75,000 sq ft field. If you can control the machine and not make a spin mark you may be ok. Most people where I am from use a tractor to pull an aerator on larger properties and walk behind units for city lawns.
    I have a small 15hp Mits diesel with a 3 pt that is the size of a garden tractor with turf tires. I can do both large and small lots with it and I find it to be a perfect compromise, beside that I don't have to walk.
  10. dhardin53

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    I have us my Dixie Chopper. It rated to pull most anything up to 2000 lbs. But a aerator is better suited for a 3pt hitch compact tractor. I just picked up a Simplicity Powermaax compact tractor. I will be adapting my pull behind aerator to a 3pt hitch.

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