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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by Lawnworks, Feb 21, 2006.

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    How big of a tracor is needed to pick up 2000-2200 pounds. I know from experience a kubota 4330 will not budge a pallet of sod. The specs on the website say 2600lbs? I must be reading it wrong. I would think 40hp would be enough, but apparently it is not!
  2. HFD27

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    is it rated at 2000 to 2200 at the Lift point or 24'' behind the lift point.

    Example L4400 @ 2310 at LP and 1053 Behind LP

    M4900 54hp @ 4200 at lp and 3310 24'' behind LP

    The more distance behind the Link End the More you lose.

    You May check into Lift Assist I know some Manufactures Make them, it is just hydraulic assist rams to give you more :weightlifter:
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    A New Holland TC48 with the LA18 loader will lift 2500 lbs at full height(of pins) It will lift 3500 at 59"

    I'm looking into this machine...anyone have any experience with it?
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    I have a L3710 and it will lift a pallet sod if it is a little dry.
    Some wet pallets can weigh 3000 pounds.
    It has a loader on front and it will pick up a pallet of sod but you cannot drive it with the rear wheels off the ground.:)

    I take my bucket and throw some of the sod in it and then use my 3 point forks to get the pallet.
    Works well and does not mess the prepared soil up moving the sod around like a skidsteer.

    Remember it takes a large skidsteer too move heavy pallets of sod.

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