Tractor on a 20ft 7Klb trailer

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Throgmorton, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. Throgmorton

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    Going to purchase a trailer to put my JD 3520 on and to haul my mowers. I really want a tandem axle 20ft with 2 3500lb axles instead of going to 5200lb axles. I currently have a 22ft Goose with 7K axles but that thing is way to large especially in the Res neighborhoods. My heaviest combo is with my tractor, loader and a woods aerator with weights. Total weight is 5100 pounds plus trailer. This is obviously the upper weight limit. I have a local dealer that hauls up to 50hp tractors on this type of trailer.

    Does anyone have experience with this setup?
  2. Birdhunter1

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    You will not be happy with that setup, 5100 lbs. tractor + equipment weight seems a bit light (unless you don't have a loader on it) and with the trailer being rated for 7000 lbs you're probably looking at the trailer weighing at least 2500 lbs so already you're 600 lbs. over it's rated capacity.

    I'd opt for the 2-5200 lbs. axles, are you ever going to be hauling any materials with this and the tractor on it as well?
  3. twj721

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    you will be better off with the 7,000 lbs axle at least you will not have to worry about it bending due to being overloaded
  4. olderthandirt

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    I don't understand why you would not want heavier axels under a 20' trailor. it would only cost a few hundred $$$$ more. Nothing else would change and you would'nt be running at the GVR all the time, which leads to faster wear on all components
  5. Throgmorton

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    The tractor, loader and equipment is a total of 5100lbs. I just dont want a heavy trailer to pull around. $$$$ are not the real issue.
  6. olderthandirt

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    Then the dif in weight between 5200# axles and spring and 3500# axles and spring is minimal. Appox. 150#

    A 20 ft. trailor that is built to even the cheapest standard is going to weigh close to a min. 1800#. With the load you already at the limited GVW.

    Don't make sense to stress a trailor and be limited to what you can carry when your only talking about the extra weight of a set of axles. :confused:
  7. rutwad

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    I would say the weight difference between the two different size axles is minimul. Towing, you won't even know the difference. And as far as your tractor weight, you never know when you may have extra fuel, hundreds of pounds of mud and dirt, or just anything else you may be hauling to or from a job site. Spend the $$$$.
  8. lawnspecialties

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    I used to be in the same boat as you. I had a 7K 20 ft. landscape trailer. I used it to haul mowers and also my New Holland from time to time. After only a little while, I decided to go to a 10K 20 ft. landscape trailer. Unless you knew what to look for, you couldn't tell the difference between the two. I am considerably pleased with this move. Generally with a 10K trailer, you also get "tougher" details. A 2-5/16" ball versus 2", larger brakes, E rated tires versus D rated. It tracks better and generally gives a better "feel".

    Either way you go, MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE if you have a standard liftgate on the back, have "knees" or some other support added to that liftgate. It virtually eliminates excess stress on the gate, pins, and rear frame of the trailer when you're driving that burly Deere up the back. :)
  9. Throgmorton

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    Thanks for all the replies.
    Lawnspecialties, I'll probably take your advice.

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