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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by gml9, May 30, 2005.

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    My dad and I are planning to purchase a tractor or some type with several purposes in mind. We are building a new house and he plans on using the bushhog attachment to keep the area(7 acres mowed). We also will use it to dig(foundation, trenches) so a backhoe would be nice to have. For me, I have started installing patio and retaining walls and plan to use it to get into grading(box blade) new residentials and also any other landscape projects I have to do. I'd like input on what you think are the best options, name brands, etc. We are in Hampton, VA so dealer servicing in our area is also important. I've seen some tractors with bushog, 45hp, front-loader, backhoe, and a trailer(dual axle) for around 15k. Never heard of the I'm curious what you professionals doing similar things use.
    Used would be okay but not old. We don't want to get something and have to upgrade b/c of lack of power but then again we also aren't planning on building highways. I'm thinking of a used Kubota with a front-end loader and purchasing a new riding mower for the mowing, which I could also use in my business. I have a 52" Toro as well to tackle the acreage. Sorry so long...any helpful info. would be greatly appreciated!
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    We bought a used Kubota L3410 last summer to use in our ochard and load mulch into our dump trailer at our stock yard. I think it's a '99, can't quite remember exactly, but heck, they haven't changed them. It has about 35 HP and has the HST hydrostatic transmission. We paid $15,000 for it with a Woods DuAl loader on it. This was a pretty amazing deal, it's VERY tough to find a tractor like we bought for $15,000, I'd say the going rate for a machine like that is closer to $20,000. But if you're looking for something with 45 HP, you're going to be getting into some serious money. To find a decent used Kubota with 45 HP, it'll probably have to be around a 95 or so, but even then, they're still going to be reliable machines.

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    There is only one tractor I would buy for landscape purposes. Ford 545D 4x4 with an 8x8 tranny. They will out work, out last, and out produce anything that anyone else calls a tractor. You can set the 3 point hitch up on a computer so the box will follow your lazer, you can lift 60" trees off flatbed semis without even shaking the frame.

    In comparision to the Kubota, the Ford is a production tractor, virtually unkillable. The drawback, cost. But, you get what you pay for.
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    I spent a lot of time digging ditches with its bigger brother, the 555D last year. Good solid tractors.



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