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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by OrangeToys, May 30, 2009.

  1. godflesh

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    With a 20k bank roll..... You can pick up a lot of machine with 15k. Lawn king is spot on about getting a good low hour used machine. Go ahead and go for a model with a quick attach front end loader, you'll kick yourself if you don't get the loader. The tread you will need will vary depending on what you end up doing with it. R4 tire tread is a fairly good all around tire, not very good in mud, not very hard on turf. As far as attachments.... start out with the basics. a good heavy built rotary brush cutter, a good rigid box blade with solid shank adjustable rippers, an angle blade and a finish mower. You can buy all of the other stuff as you have a need for it.
    If you get out and hustle up work for that machine, you'll end up having to hire a guy just to run the tractor. I bought mine starting off just to cut fields and lawns that get out of control. Now I build gravel driveways, finish mow huge yards, cut fields, dig out ponds, till and plow gardens, level yards..... you get the idea.

    by the way, you ever run a tractor before?
  2. OrangeToys

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    Thanks for the tips. I found out that Im not really in the spot yet to buy a tractor yet but Im going to do my research still so when the time comes that I can buy I will get it quick. I do think that I want to go get a Kubota but I don't know what all I'm looking at yet.

    I have only operated a tractor with a bat wing mower, but I have used a Skid a lot more than a tractor.
  3. OrangeToys

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    so im back to searching like I was originally.
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    With 20 grand in hand you could buy outright or put a huge downpayment on a new machine if thats the way you want to go. Kubota has a semi marrage to landpride, you can put new landpride implements into a package throhgh kubota credit corp. APR rates are as good now as i have ever seen them on hydraulic equipment!
  5. Heavyduty1

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    Have you checked You might find a good deal, you never know.:)
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    First I would look for used. The deals are out there bigtime.

    I bought my John Deere 4700 with low hours for a steal. The guy needed money and I grabbed it. I called the dealer the day after I got it to buy a new seat and the dealer offered me $10,000 MORE than what I paid for it to buy it outright, not even as a trade in.

    As far as which brand to go for......That comes down a lot to personal preference.

    I have the most hours running New Holland, John Deere, and Kubota.

    I find they are all well made, great tractors.

    My personal preference is John Deere in the 50hp range tractors. I just find them more comfortable to operate. I like the location of the controls. I feel more stable on them whereas I felt a little more "tippy" on the others. But that could also be just me, or the way they were set up.

    The 3 tractors I ran of the brands, all were comparable specs and HP. They all had great power and I cant say much bad about any of them.

    I highly recommend the next couple of Jobs you have to rent them. Spend a day on each one and then pick what you like. Thats what I did. I used to rent tractors a lot before I bought mine. Had 3 rental places and each one had a different brand. I found that after a few times, I always went to rent the Deere. So thats the one I bought
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    Pick up an old ford 8n or 9n for next to nothing. Get used to cutting grass that is taller than you and playing in the dirt and gravel. Get a feel for the machine and the work you will be doing with it before you go into a high dollar peice of equipment. Thats how i got started.
  8. IMAGE

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    If your looking more at just mowing, an old farm tractor will give you more bang for the buck. Something like an old JD 4020 will run forever and run a brush hog with no problems. Granted its not compact, but they are cheap horsepower. I missed out on a cheap 4020 recently... but have dibs on a 4230 cabbed, when it comes available :)
  9. Heavyduty1

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    That 4230 is a nice tractor esp. if it has the powershift trans.
  10. OrangeToys

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    Bump Bump....

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