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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by OrangeToys, May 30, 2009.

  1. betmr

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    Things I like in a Tractor are, Hydro Drive, and 4 Wheel Drive. I find Turf Tires to be the most versatile, as they tear up the least, and with 4 wheel drive, you get plenty of traction.

    Having a Cab is the best, there is no weather that can stop you. Rain, Snow and the cold, are the pitts on an open tractor.
  2. Ducati996

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    Did you get a tractor or you still looking and is that the reason for the bump?

    Plenty of sites for information - lots of different ways to go...

    tell us know what you know or have found out since tha last time :)
  3. lawn king

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    i hear that kubota is going to bring back 0% apr for 60 months. You cant go wrong with that if you plan on buying new!
  4. OrangeToys

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    last year when I started this thread up I was getting hit with phone calls to come out and do brush hogging, and found out that I could be subing it out instead. Well now im back to looking again b/c the amount of brush hogging that I have a possiblity do this year is back and even more. And the guy I sub out is super busy as it is and fits me in when he can. And I have plenty of time to get mine donen.
    That is the reason im starting this back up.

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