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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by SLC LLC, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. SLC  LLC

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    Hello all. Looking for someone with tractor experience to provide me with some knowledge. I am in the market to purchase a tractor, so let me tell you what my main goals are.
    We do not perform much on the landscape ned, so that is not an issue. I am mainly looking for something with a loader that I cna load mulch with. I would like to have additional implements for the rear to grade driveway, maybe plow snow, and even a disc or something for tilling small field.

    Any input on make/models/new/used that you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.
  2. farmer_lab

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    I like my BX24 Kubota. Its small but I use a 52"tiller and a 60" blade behind it all the time It has a loader on it that is not huge but does what I need it for. Sometimes it is too small but my old tractor was too big most of the time. i also have the backhoe on it that I use a-lot. It is 24hp and is priced new for 15,500. they have great service at the dealership I bought it at the price was very impressive compared to the JD. I have had JD all of my life and it was a hard decision to go with Kubota but I have been impressed so far. For the money difference I can not see going back to JD. If you want something bigger they have those too. Just need to figure out what size you need, go to the dealership and play around with them and look at the specs.
  3. Bigred350

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    GO to your local KUBOTA Dealer and look around. Figure out what size you need. Kubota makes some nice tractors. I highly reccomend them.
  4. formula500

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    I have a 2002 massey 1428v that has been nothing but make money for me, I have put 630 hours on it with no major problems, I run 48 inch tiller, 7' york rake, and brush hog off of it. I wish I went with the next model up with the shuttle shift, that makes it a lot easier for doing loader work. I also plan to buy a power rake for it too. This tractor is also great for getting into small places. hope this helps
  5. Bill Davis

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    We Have two Mahindra tractors and like both of them. We have a 4110 and an 7520. Let me know if you have any questions about these tractors.
  6. DiyDave

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    Lose the wheels! Get an Asv rubber trak loader-its like a swiss army knife. Always something you can attach to it to make life easier. All attachments are up front, so no stiff neck from looking behind you. I have installed 30 cubic yards of mulch in one day with one of these, and your track tracks dissappear in one lawn mowing. Try that with a wheel tractor.
  7. muddstopper

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    No easy answer here. What are you goiing to load and how much of it will play a large part of your decison making process. The ASV's will load mulch fast, but if you want to plow, bushhog, or disc, I wouldnt want one. When loading mulch, how high is the side of the truck, those small tractors wont load into a tandem dump, some wont lift much higher than a pickup truck bed. Also the weight they will handle is usually less than a ton if you are thinking about pallets of materials, which usually come in 2000lb pallets. And dont even think about a pallet of lime, around 3200#. My personal take on the Kubota tractor is dont put them in a position where they might turn over, because most likely they will, most unstable tractor I have ever ran on uneven ground, I can take a 4610su 2wd ford places the 4x4 kubotas cant go. I own a tn75 New Holland simply because it was the smallest tractor I could find that will handle a 3200# pallet of lime with the FEL. I use this tractor to load and unload trucks and the loads it handles are max for this machine. The TN75 is overkill for most everything else I use it for and I have never hooked anything to the PTO. I like Massey's and JDeeres to, I dont like Kubotas and Mahindras. Just my personal opinions on different makes of tractors I have operated, so dont you Kubota, Mahindara owners jump all over me. Every tractor has its place, but Kubotas and Mahindras dont belong in my garage.

    You must decide how much lifting and how high the loader will go, then look for something that will handle those weights and lift heights, Skid steers like the ASV are hard to beat for loading and unloading materials, and there are a ton of attachments to go with them, but a properly sized tractor will work better for mowing and bushhogging, discing and plowing snow, (ASV rubber tracks dont last long on pavement) and are versitile enought for most landscaping jobs. And if you hook a tiller to a skid steer, you have to work backwards instead of forwards with a tractor.
  8. green horizons

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    I'm partial to the JD's. I think other manufacturers make good products, but when I priced Kubota parts for repairs, there was no comparison. Kubota parts are extremely expensive compared to JD's. I run a JD955. It's 33hp, diesel. It's still considered compact though. I use this machine almost exclusively for the landscaping end, with large mulch jobs leading the pack. I also bush hog, till, grade, auger, etc. with it. If I only wanted it for mulch, I'd probably just rent one when needed. So, my suggestion is to stay in the compact series, evaluate your ability to haul to jobsites with both a FEL and and attachment on the rear (the get long when adding the goodies), and most importantly I'd re-evaluate just how much you'll use it. For reference, my tractor, or a comparable, will run between 15-20k new. Good luck.
  9. DiyDave

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    Hey Muddstopper! You made some good points. As far as the lifting height, I can compensate most of the time by loading off of a 1 foot tall by 6 foot long ramp I made out of scrap pressure treated lumber. Or just load from the up hill side. Also I do not use a rototiller since I bought the Harley Rake, a rototiller is an unnecessary step in lawn prep. Also you are right tracks do wear out, but not as fact as skidloader tires (850 hrs on the ASV and counting)
  10. markam70

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    true, but those tires are a heck of alot cheaper than new tracks

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