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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by KTO Enterprises, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Anyone on here know of a company that makes skid plates for the underside of a CUT? I bought a new John Deere 4120 a few months ago, and mainly do bush hogging. This tractor has tons of stuff under it that my old tractor does not. I did not blink an eye putting my 1980 johndeere 2040 in the woods, but this one has the E-Hydro and a loader so there is a lot of stuff I fear would be torn up trying to do lot clearing. I mostly do lot maintenance and large areas but occasionally do a clearing job.

    I am not yet busy enough for a mulcher but dont want to turn down heavy duty work.
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    take it to a welding shop. we have skid plates and cages on our tractors. they run us about $6000. that is a 1 inch full-length plate for the belly, 1/4 inch plate to cover the vitals on the sides of the engine, 6 inch pipe for a bumper, 3 inch square tubing from the bumper to the top of the "cab", and the operator platform is fully enclosed with expanded metal. the tractors are pretty much impervious to anything the woods can throw at them.

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