tractor trailer hauling cat excavator fire

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Tyler5652, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. Tyler5652

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  2. Dirtman2007

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    Trying to figure out what exactly happened on this one. The tractor is on fire, then look at the back of the trailer and some wheels are shreaded. Then when you look at the end of the video there's another truck on fire in the median??

    But this does bring back the memory of when we just had bought the Volvo Excavator. It was less than 3 months old and the truck pulling it had the trailer brakes overheat and set the tires on fire. He pulled over and onloaded the excavator right in the middle of the interstate as 4 of the tires on the back busted into a massive fire!
    That was a interesting day.
  3. Gravel Rat

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    Strange accident. Atleast the driver is okay thats what counts. Never seen an ambulance bounce around before.

    Can't figure out why the tractor is burning and the booster is missing tires and the wheels banged up and bent.
  4. Omran&Turbo

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    That's real bad, I work with an enviromental company as on call part timer, here in KY and we see alot of bad accidents, we go clean diesel and chemical spells on interstates, and the bad thing about it that we never know when we have to go, some imes they wake me up @2am or 3am LOL. but it pays good for a part time job.
  5. nedly05

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    He pulled over and got sideswiped by a tanker that was tipped over in the median also on fire.
  6. 93turbo

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    you can see there was more then one truck involved so it was evdently a collision of some kind
  7. bobcatuser

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    I would assume the lowbed with a wide load excavator was stopped on the shoulder. He coulden't pull off onto the grass because of the weight of the load and slope. The second truck side swiped the lowbed ripping it's fuel tank off and igniting the fires with the spray.

    I witnessed a similar accident where a truck attempted to pass a tour bus. The truck pulled to the right to pass illegally in the breakdown lane. He diden't even have time to brake before he slammed into a parked tractor trailer at 70 mph.

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