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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by hays129, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. hays129

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    I'm building a house on 10 acres & plan to keep this mowed regularly. I've got very few obstacles to mow around but ground is rough (bumpy). Debating between a diesel ZTR mower or John Deere 4310 30hp hydrostatic tractor with 6' belly mower. I believe the ZTR would be faster but concerned with ride comfort. Any suggestions?
  2. topsites

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    Why don't you try asking the dealer these questions, and if they fail to answer them to
    your satisfaction you already know you can take your business elsewhere, like thank you.
  3. hays129

    hays129 LawnSite Member
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    Will do......local dealer seems to push the ZTR but a neighbor had a Dixie Chopper & sold it because he said the terrain was too bumpy to keep the ZTR straight.
  4. larryinalabama

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    Id go with the tractor, the belly mower is nice but a 3pt mower will be cheeper and more versitle
  5. doubleedge

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    A ferris ztr probably would have a good ride in your area. It has 4 wheel suspension.

    Are you sure the bumps were causeing the ztr to go off course, or was it operator error? ztr's are tricky to get the hang of, and he may not have given it enough time.

    I think it would be best to get the tractor, you would be able to use it for other things than mowing, and could get a large mower for it (84+ inches).
  6. 4.3mudder

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    I have a John Deere 855 compact utility tractor with a belly mower and several attahcments including a front end loader. i have used it in all sorts of areas. It rides fairly fine with the suspensoin seat. Plus, added the fact 3 point hookup attachments and fornt end loader. Since you have 10 acres, atachments would really come in handy for odd ball work to do around the property. ZTR, thats all you can use it for is primarily to mow. With a tractor you can do so much.
  7. catflyer

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    I have a ZTR with a 42" mower,( Jayzee 1 ) and am now in love with it. It took me all season to get the hang of driving it (joy stick). It is very quick around obstacles. The down sides are: the ride is a little bouncier than a tractor, if you don't bag, you get covered in dust from the discharge, it is much scarier to operate on hills than the comparable John Deer tractor, and you really have to practice carefully to get the hang of it. If I had 10 acres, and could only afford one machine, I think I'd go with the tractor because of all the attachments. I'm going to have to rent a front end loader for some of my projects, and I only have 3 acres.
  8. THEoneandonlyLawnRanger

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    I would say it depends on if you plan on having a small tractor also or if the mower will be your only "outdoor Tool". If you have a small tractor i would say get a ztr but if not I would get a Tractor type that way you can hook up a sprayer, grader/snow blade, maybe even get a front end loader. ALot more versatile for a homeowner. My dad really misses his 4x4 Kubota with the belly mower, it was so handy for everything

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