Trade a 60'' toro grandstand for 52 inch mower

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by maxsky2007, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. maxsky2007

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    I am looking to trade my 2010 60 inch toro grandstand for a 52 inch stander, grandstand,vantage stander, v ride, or turf tiger sorry no other mowers only rider I want is a turf tiger because i have some crazy lake banks and the turf tigers we have used did a good job and so has this toro it has been amazing on hills. My grandstand is just over a year old and is in good shape is has just under 200 hours and is being used daily I need a smaller mower that can mow my small residential accounts as well so it is more versatile . The mowers I am looking to trade for need to have low hours and be in good shape. Thank for looking I will post pictures tomorrow when I go to my shop.

    ps. I am in St. Augustine Fl 1 hour south of Jacksonville,1.5-2 hours from orlando
  2. maxsky2007

    maxsky2007 LawnSite Member
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    Bump if anyone is interested in a trade the machine actually has almost 300 hours on it and it is getting used for a lot of mowing almost 8 hours per day it is a great mower looking for a 52 but i will also consider a 48 stander or any of the other mowers ive listed thanks for looking and how do i post pictures on here ?
  3. HenryB

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    What do you want for it? Price?
  4. maxsky2007

    maxsky2007 LawnSite Member
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    I am looking to try and trade the mower I do not want to sell the mower I would rather just trade in my post I was looking to trade and listed mowers I was interested in trading for . I just do not really want to sell because I can not go without a mower while I replace this one even for a day its my main mower for one of my trucks. Thank for looking

    Bump let me know if you want to trade up from a 52 or 48 stander thank you

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