TRADE: c4500 front hoods

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by 4man, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. 4man

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    Was wanting to trade out hoods on my c4500 diesel. I currently have the red single light hood and was wanting to trade to the chrome grill and dual lights. To do this I would need to switch out the hoods and light harness.

    IMG_3589 Resized.jpg

    IMG_3590 Resized.jpg
  2. cutbetterthanyou

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    R u sure that you need to change the whole hood? It looks the same, I would check to make sure that u can't just change the headlight bezels and grill instead of the whole hood. If you switch hoods that is alot to go through. You should be able to go to a body shop and they could check this for you by part numbers in there crash book. If the hood itself has the same part number its the same. If you can't find anyone to trade and don't want to spend the money just painting the bezels that you have red would be a great improvement. Now some custom auto shop use chome paint, not sure how expensive, but from what i understand it is alot better than the spray can stuff.
  3. 4man

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    I think the headlights are molded into the outer fenders, fenders molded to the hood, so will need to change out the whole thing. I also have a boss v plow on the truck if someone wants it wile were switching hoods

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