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Trade Deere For Deere



LawnSite Member
northwest ohio
If you were interested it is to late I traded it on a new 2007 757. Just a word of advice for anyone thinking of getting a mulch on demand. Dont freaking do it these decks suck. The only thing these decks are good for are mulching leaves in the fall and they do a great job at that but that is it. The cut quality is not to bad if you are only taking off a couple if inches. This deck does not even mulch that well it leaves a trail of grass grass clippings by the discharge chute, even with the stock mulching blades. maby in the south or somewhere else these decks would be ok but for cool season grasses in the spring forget it. So you are probably asking why the hell did you buy it. Didn't you demo it? Yes I did in the late summer and I thought I liked it. A lot different conditions then than now:hammerhead: then fall came and it really excelled at leaf mulching. Then this spring came and I was left asking myself wtf did I get this mower for. I'll stop there I could go on and on. I hope this info helps someone else from making the same mistake I did. Rember when you demo a mower demo it in many of the conditions you will be using it in. And most importantly dont buy a john deere mulch on demand at least for cool season grasses. Ill be putting some sort of a chute blocker on my new 757 any suggestions?:drinkup:


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Holgate, OH
Which Liechtys? I deal with them alot, and it seems like they would be willing to help you out. I use the Napoleon branch the most, and know a few guys in Archbold.