trade in the 08' diesel or keep it?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by supercuts, Jan 16, 2010.

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    im at a cross road. i have an 08' f350 xlt diesel with 30k miles, my 3y 36k mile bumper to bumper has till Nov. but will expire with miles this summer and the balance of the 5y 100k engine warrantee.

    if youve read the post about the new ford 6.7 powerstroke forum you've seen the numerous problems ive had with my 08. i just picked it up for an injector, the 3rd pulley on the engine, and fan clutch. well yesturday in 30-35 degree weather my fan turned on and off a dozen times over a 25 min commute.

    in turn, after work, i went dealer hopping. i figure if i was going to get rid of it im done with diesels unless i get a 5.9 cummins or 7.3 powerstroke, both hard to do trading in for a new truck.

    i went to a ford dealer, to leave my 08 for a nearly identical f250xlt 5.4 gas truck with a plow (leaving the plow on my truck) they offered me $26,500 for mine against a new ($39,900 msrp +$5k for the fisher) truck. the price was down to $38k and about a $11,500 balance difference. i called back and of course they were willing to lower the balance down to $10k and let me keep my plow to sell on my own, worth at least $2500, so id be out about $7500.

    my truck also has some recent body damage from our 15" slick snow storm last month and has a good $3-4K in damage. the ford dealer then offered to sell my truck on commission with the plow claiming to net me $33k after commision of $1500. then i could by the gas job for $5k.

    so, would you dump an 08' diesel with a balance of warantee for a new gas truck for $5k? my thought is even though the new diesel suck fuel, they still have a crazy resale. and if i were to buy the 2010 gas truck, as soon as i drive that brand new truck off the lot it would already be worth less than the 08' i just traded in and its costing me $5k on top of that!

    my thought has been thats alot of money to get rid of a truck because i dont like it and hate its mileage. my diesel is fast as hell and has lots of power. to me it seems like alot to get rid of it just because i dont like it. my account said wait until its 3yrs old to get the most out of the write off.

    i also stopped to look at a GMC 2500hd and dodge 2500 SLT with a hemi. the dodge was at an $8k difference keeping my plow which i would have to swap over (about $500 in parts). the base model GMC with NO FEATURES but came with a mm2 7.5' plow was an $11k difference and i would get to keep my plow.

    right now, im going to wait my truck out at least through the snow season although i may put it on the lot on consignment. under our agreement the dealer only gets $1500 if they sell it and i can take it at any time for any reason ( but really on if it snows) until it snows. they simply ask for a phone call so they dont think its stolen.

    MY ADVICE TO ANYONE; if your trading in a truck with a plow, tell them its not included. when i called for back to ask them what my trade was without the plow, they offered me just as much. and when i asked others, it was no more than $1000 difference for a 2yr old $4500 plow. KEEP YOUR PLOW AND SELL IT YOURSELF!

    so, the point of this thread. im looking for words of wisdom for others in my shoes. im asking 18 year olds with their 1993 ford ranger to chime in with more than comments like " be all other that new truck, they are sweet!!!" looking for real comments thanks
  2. supercuts

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    wow, i guess i should have spell checked and re-read i also forgot to mention, the GMC 2500hd could only take a 7.5' plow (i use 8.5') and was stripped down, the dodge 2500 now only come in crew cab, the quad cab is only in 1500 series. the 2500 seems so long with a crew cab short bed. the length of the body just looks soooo long. we do nearly all res. plowing. which brings me back to ford which is the cheapest in price..... im also pursing a lemon law but unfortuately many of my complaints were never documented.......which brings me to my next point


    i had brougth my truck in with 2-3 problems each time and they would only look at two. ive spoke to the CT DMV lemon law dept. and they said each time its in counts as a repair even if they dont look at the specific problem. also, if they need to order parts and you need to bring it back in, that counts as another visit for the same problem. obviously dealers know this and they skated around that by not listing all my complaints on work orders.
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  3. WH401

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    Well, both trucks will probably get around the same mileage, so toss that out the window. As far as power, the diesel will definitely have it, and the 5.4 in a 250/350 will be a dog, so that makes that decision easy. Now, a $5k difference between trucks? Well, after the warranty is up on the diesel, do you think if it has any more problems that it will cost more than $5k to fix it? That's the question really. If it will be over $5k than it might be worth looking into the gasser. But, like you said, your trading a valuable truck for a truck that will be just above worthless as soon as you drive it off the lot. I know having a problematic truck is PITA, but I think if I was in your shoes I would probably keep the diesel.
  4. PTSolutions

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    i dont know what to tell you man, you must have gotten one of the bad batches of 08's. I put 26K miles on my 09 the first year ive owned it and had zero issues, other than them replacing my trailer wireing hookup. and my truck has had a plow on it since the week we brought it home.

    personally, id go with a v10, you'll be disappointed in that 5.4 with plowing/towing. before we bought this 350, i looked at both gm and dodge, the dodge they wanted more money for less truck so i said no go. and the gm i was not impressed by. keep in mind we currently own two chevys and my dad has owned all dodges prior to 2002. this is our first ford and we have been very impressed so far. youve got a hard decision to make!
  5. GravelyGuy

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    Find another dealer that can actually fix your truck and keep it. JMO
  6. PLS-Tx

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    I would not want a truck that was giving me a lot of problems, warranty or not.

    If it was me I would trade it for a V10.
  7. Evan528

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    Good luck finding a new v-10 though..... seems that no dealers even have them. The 5.4 is very underpowerd if you pulling a good amount of weight..... I have one.

    I would keep your Diesel 08 at least untill the end of the 5/100,000 motor warranty than if it is still giving you problems than think about trading.
  8. kps2389

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    I would keep your truck until it's costing you money out of your own pocket to fix. Now its all under warranty so you don't have to worry.
  9. supercuts

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    i am back and forth with the v-10/v-8. this truck is mostly used for personal use but occassionally pulls the trailer. in theroy, this truck was supposed to be rotated into full business duty as needed as some point down the road which is why i wanted the diesel for the power. we just bought an older f350 rack dump so we are at the point were im also considereing a ram 1500 with a plow and then just replace the actual work truck we would at some point be retiring with another actual work truck.......but they no longer put plows on them

    thanks for the input, keep it coming
  10. AdamChrap

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    I say Ford V-10 or Dodge Cummins. I have a Dodge mega Cab with the Cummins. Plows great and doesn't feel as big as you think. If it is going to be mainly your personal use you will LOVE the Mega Cab.

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