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Trade - My 18" Velke Sulke Arm for a 15"


LawnSite Member
I have a true Velke two wheel black Sulke that came with the WB I just purchased. Problem is that the arm is 18" and that's too long for the Toro WB its on. I'd like to trade it on a 15" of comparable condition, they retail $10 apart. It's really pretty new. Theres some dirt and grease that I will cleanup when I take it off and also a bit of surface scratching on either side that you can see in the pictures. I would guess its just from removing it for seperate storage. It doesn't affect the integrity, just the paint. Very solid and in very good condition. Let me know if your interested.


B&D Lawn Care

LawnSite Senior Member
Spartanburg, SC
Would you be interested in just selling the velke?


LawnSite Member
Not particularly...It is used and I'd never get what I would need to buy the correct replacement outright, or what its essentially worth as it is. Thanks for the offer though, I'll keep it in mind if my trade proposal doesn't see fruition. :)