Trade my extra plow truck for?

Thomas Lawn Care

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here is the deal.. Both my Lazer Z -60" Triton's were stolen along with some other stuff on or around New Years Eve. I'm looking to keep my insurance rates down thus looking for trades right now.

Here is what I got to trade for replacement mower(s)....

94 GMC Yukon with a 7.6 Western Unimount plow and Saltdogg tail gate spreader.

Has a New GM installed Crate engine with receipts as proof. Over $4500.00 alone!

New Trans with Receipts also. Many new parts. To many to list.

Its not a show truck but a very good reliable daily driver/ work truck. Has some bumps and bruises but limited rust if any.

Title in hand

I value the truck at $5500.00
Plow setup at $2300.00
Salt spreader at $700.00

Will not sell the plow or spreader alone unless its not wanted on a trade offer I like.

Will look at any offers landscape or lawn care related. A couple of older machines, a new machine, a few machines or even a full setup/ rig that someone wants to get rid of for one reason or the other.

if there are no lawn care related trades.. I will look at other stuff too. Harley, dump truck, Muscle car, sports car, bobcat, boats or ?

Please no.... swamp land in the FL, no live stock, hot tubs or xboxes.. Oh wait this is not craigslist so I should not have to worry about that bs :laugh:


Truck is located in Westmont IL 60559




Thomas Lawn Care

Thomas Lawn Care

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What sucks the most is they torched my hinges off both sides of the trailer leaving my drop gate useless and my stuff exposed. 2 hockey puck locks did there job but hinges failed were no match for someone with a portable torch.

Its my own fault really. I normally back both trailers back to back and into a wall protecting the rear but was lazy one time and this comes back to bite me in the @$$. Sorta wish they would have just drove off with everything really. Then I would have claimed it all.

I have since moved all my stuff back to my house. I had to take down my fence in he backyard to get it all in there but beats having them hit my second trailer. I dont think they had room to take more then what they took otherwise they would have cut the hinges on the other trailers door.

Someone must have got cut bad because there was blood dripping on the door and inside and on the pavement. Cops took swabs so hopefully one day I find out who it was :hammerhead:

What pisses me off the most is.. they know me and I dont know them... YET!


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Yeah, anytime I hear someones gear got stolen. It just makes me mad, and sometimes it's cheaper to just do what your doing to keep your insurance rates down. And I hope you can get some replacements for what got stolen.