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  1. KB

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    I have a 2000 Exmark 48" Turf Tracer HP hydro walk behind with only 100hrs(I cut part time), Velke, mulching kit, and 5 sets of blades (some never used) that I would like to sell or trade to buy a rider (Lazer). I have it posted on the Used Commercial Equipment page for $4000 and also have asked on this page what some of you felt was a fair price to ask. The responses have been in my favor but I was told that I should try to trade with my dealer and that he might trade favorably to make another sell. Yeah right. He told me over the phone that if it is in the condition that he would expect (like new), he would give me $2500 to try to sell quickly at about $2700. Bottom line is I won't be trading!
  2. cutting edge

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    Earlier this month I was considering downsizing my operation. I offered a commercial account to a friend in the business with the stipulation that she buy my Lazer HP. I saw one identical to mine with about the same hours on it at the exmark site for sale for 5999.99, so I tell her 5800.00. She asks our local dealer what it is worth and he tells her 4000.00. Go figure.
  3. watatrp

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    Kind of like trading a car in isn't it? I've learned not to deal with my dealer like that. Try people you know in the business or sometimes even your dealer may steer someone your way.
  4. Greenkeepers

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    Yeah right he's only going to sell it for $200 profit. Tell him to stuff his 2500....... That's worth much more than that out on the street.. Offer him 2000 less than he's asking for one of his showroom machines and see what he says. I love how dealers are when you're buying, they say don't tell me that xyz can sell it to you for that, I'm only making $25 on it. Then when you try to "sell" back to them they play games........

    Thats B-S
  5. Mitchell L Evans

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    I agree with the greenkeeper it's always worth gold when it's on his showroom but as soon as it leaves you'll never get him to trade or buy unless it has $$$$$ attached to'll come out better selling to a individual I have the same problem with my dealers.
  6. Acute Cut

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    i might as well be in the minority. My dealer as become one of my best friends. Heck, i have even had them over for BBQ. They sold one of my mowers for 350 more than what i was asking. He didnt take any off the top either. he knows that now i have some extra $$$ to buy that lazer this year. (Hopefully)

    The other side of that is this. I cant (wont) buy the same machine any where else because it is a loyalty thing i believe. If i could buy it for 1000 less i might save short term. My dealer saves me that much every year with freebee mech stuff and SUPER maint on my epuip for me.

    I have talked to some lawnsite guys and they envy me my dealer. Heck, some have even come here and met him and spoke only the best of him. I got lucky and i know it.

    (just in case they read this at the shop) Thanks Carl and Josh.

    Acute Cut
  7. tlcgrounds

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    Dear KB,
    Here is a diffrent way of looking at your situation. If you claim any income off your mowing you can claim all expenses too. If you think the value of the machine is $4,000.00 and you can't get a bite then sell it for say $3,500.00 and claim a loss. You would be beter because in the long run you'll get your lost $500 through tax credits. Maybe it's time you look for another dealer. I just recently bought a 1998 Turf Tracer 60" with only 200 ours on it and a rocket wheels for $3,350.00. Have you ever considered putting a bigger deck on your unit and using it another year? Maybe you'll just have to eat this one. Remeber, if you sell it for less you can take a loss on it. If you have only owned for one year. You can trade it in and if your dealer gives you $2,500.00 and you paid $4,500 at the begingng of the year you'll depreciate $2,000.00 of the value and thats two grand of income you won't have to pay taxes on! There more than one way to get your moneys worth!!!!
  8. Strawbridge Lawn

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    All about greed sometimes. Ya they could sell it for close to what you are asking but they won't make $. So they ensure a 1K profit or more on a machine by stating such a low trade in price. Sounds to me like they get what they want more times than not.
  9. lawman

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    It looks to be just like a car the dealer always wins.
  10. Greenman2ooo

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    Maybe Ed from will ante up? See how much he offers for the machine. Sounds like he is trying to generate new business. Maybe he will give you a good price.

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