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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Qualey, Mar 19, 2003.

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    Hi everybody

    A while back I received some good info from this site regarding mulch bed edge shapers. Can anybody provide me with some of the manufacturer names of these machines so I can see them on their websites? My local dealer only says "they cost about 2 grand and work really well." I have never even seen one, but I need to speed up the spring cleanups and want to check these out.

    Also, I hear a lot of reference here to "edging". I have never edged a property in my life (I don't think), nor had a customer request it done. Are you referring to sharpening the edges where the lawn meets a solid area? We have a walk behind edger that I have been using to re-establish beds prior to spading the edge clean. Are you using a hand held version of this?

    Thank you

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    usually in my area, people will ask for their beds to bed edged or their driveways and sidewalks. for the sidewalks and driveway, i just take the stick edger with the metal blade, and that cleans it up and gives a nice straight edge. i use a walkbehind edger to run a line for my beds, and then spade the excess grass away. i dont own a bed edger like above, but have used the eztrench, and can say it works really well. i know a bunch of people with the brown edger, and they all like it.
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    Turfco makes one called edge-r-right I think. It has different blades you can use.

    - a V cut for bed edges,
    - a L blade for skimming sod,
    - a u blade for small trenches,
    - and a disk blade for edging walks and drives.

    A very well built and versatile machine.
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