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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by BCFLawnLandscape, Jan 7, 2008.

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    Hey all,

    Just curious to know if anyone out there markets at home and garden shows etc. Is it worth the 1-2k they charge you for your booth? How many leads do you get and how many do you turn into jobs. Also, where do you get your trade show booth stuff from??? has anyone used a company that was really good??? I'm looking into getting into this type of marketing and wondering if it is worth my time or if I should spend my time and money elsewhere! Thanks in advance for all your comments!
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    I tried it once, it worked fairly well. Not fantastic, but worth it. I only fert and weed, so I split a booth with a landscaper friend. Thats the best way cause you can split the costs.
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    quick judge by your equipment listed says you mostly mow. I used to do big H and G shows with a $10,000 display.
    We had good success with lawn fert/weed control apps by offering a free year of lawn care if they filled out a slip with their name and number and OK'd an estimate. Our best show was 470 leads in a 5 day show that converted probably 150 customers. We would also get about 50 irrigation install leads.
    I sold that business awhile ago, and my friend who's running it now has told me those numbers have dropped off drastically. He stopped last year, but is going back to them again this spring. If I remember, I'll ask him what his numbers were last time and try to let you know.
    we offered resi mowing at the time, but I don't remember getting squat for leads for that.
    Hope that helps

    Best of Luck!

    Steve Hoogenakker
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    Wait, one more thing,
    I DO use a 10' x 8' fold down display to do trade shows to property manager associations, apartment associations, and chambers of commerce. (grounds maintenance/snow) That works, but don't expect results right away unless the trade show is timed just right.I wouldn't do the big display again, I'd get a nice table top instead.
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    They aint your finely manicured lawns on your website.

    ""Here are some images of our finely manicured lawns.""
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    I recognize some of the wording on your website. Straight from Sean's Lawncare Success program. I just sent out some letters that had those lines in them.

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