Trade truck for dump?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by guntruck, Mar 7, 2001.

  1. guntruck

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    I just want to see some of your guys thoughts, opinions and advice. I have a 95 dodge ram 2500 diesel that i use now to get around in and get my equipment around. I was looking into a dump insert for it, then syzer( my bro) suggested me selling it and just buying a 1 ton dump. I cant think of a reason not to do it, except for the fact my girlfreind was much more cumfy going to dinner in my pick-up wpork truck lol. Seriously i can use it for bulk salt in winter, spring and fall clean-ups, mulch apps, all pruning jobs, things that my pick-up have just been a real pain doing up until now. It would be a nice touch to the business i think, and we still use it to get the trailer around and it helps with advertising with the side of the dump bed lettered. What are some of your guys thought or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Why not take the bed off and install a dump body with a hoist?

  3. guntruck

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    I thought of that there Mr. Stone and that was almost a go but then i got to thinking of the payload. I can haul more with the one ton suspension, in reality and legally.
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    Your GVWR in your pickup is from 8600 to 9200 and a one ton dump is 11000 to 12000 give or take. Thats not much of a difference. Even less of a difference in payload capacity. The dump bodys are heavy and no more looking out the back window or rearview mirror. Get a Truck Craft Aluminum dump insert for the pickup. How much weight are you really going to be hauling? And how often? You can full up an insert pretty good with mulch or leaves. If your hauling heavy stuff, stone, salt, etc, then consider a Super Duty 15000 GVWR dump and load er up!...

  5. mdb landscaping

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    get the truck craft and then you can put the spreader tailgate that goes onto it into the winter for the salt. the rest of the year you can do all the other things the dump body could do. if payload is that much of an issue, go for the dump truck
  6. Evan528

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    Is this truck your only vehicle? If so I think it will get old very fast driving this truck to run to the store or anywhere non work related! If you really need a dump get a insert or just get something cheap and keep what you have also.
  7. John DiMartino

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    As much as like the Dodge-I feel its payload is problem if you live in an area where the state police cruise or have tpo get on the interstate at all.The Dodge 3/4 ton pickup diesel weighs about 6500 lbs if its a reg cab-add a dump body and that goes to 7200 easy-max GVWR is 8800-add 2 guys and you see there is 1200 lbs legal payload-not even a 1/2 yard of most material.Even the 1 ton has low payload,most weigh 8000+ empty-GVWr is 11000 lbs,again with 2 guys in it,not even 3000 lbs can be hauled.They have 2-3 yard bodys,nad the only thing that you can even put 2 yards in ,and hold legally is mulch or snow.2 yards of top soil even puts you over.I hate to say this-but if you can afford it,Id buy an F550,there you have 3-4 tons of legal payload-and you need that much if you plan to use the bady to haul anything at all.All the quarry's here with scales will not let you leave overloaded,you have to give your registration to the scale operator when they fill you,this started 2 yrs ago after a guy left there with a 15000 GVW on a 12000 dump truck and ran into a car when he couldnt stop-well you know the rest.I jut cant see it being worth hauling anything if you have to get 1 yd at a time and need 3 or 4.
  8. double e

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    I got a dump truck a few months ago- Its saves me soooo much work- But I also have another work truck to drive around at nights.

    Why not get a dump TRAILER? I came close to getting one, but found a good deal truck. You can buy a descent one for around 3G.
  9. Runner

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    Before deciding on the 1 ton, do your research first. For instance, here in Michigan, the state law requires that any stake truck or dump truck is required to have a commercial plate. Any of these trucks that pull a trailer, are required to have what is known as a G.V.W. tag. The minimum tag available in Michigan is 24000# category. This means that it costs not only for a commercial plate, but about $400 a year just for plates! Highway robbery! On top of this, you have higher insurance costs, gas mileage is ,well, you know! And you have higher maintenance costs for most everything. (price out a brake job on a dually) Granted, the laws in your state might be a bit different than here in Michigan, but do yourself a favor, and find out the ins and outs first before making a decision like this. I have a 1 ton dump that I pull my equpment with, but I often think how much farther ahead I would be with just a pickup, which is why I'm shopping for a newer pickup right now. I have a pickup now that I'll probably sell in the spring. Good luck!
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    Rich,I'am in the same boat you are in wanting a small dump,I also have a Dodge 2500 but gas and a'94, I have over 100,000 miles on it.I think you should keep what you have and find something used in good shape.I will be shopping later this year for the same.I need a back up truck and will be adding a plow to it as well.Good Luck and let us know what you decide on.JRB

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