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trade up to 48 wb?


LawnSite Senior Member
Trenton ,Ohio
This will be my 2nd year in the lc biz. I have added several customers and have other bids out. I started with a 36 wb gear drive last year and I'm thinking about moving up to a 48 or 52 wb. I would like to hear pros and cons of this. How much more effecient will an extra 12-16 inches make me? I can't afford to get a ztr or a hydro just yet ,but for an extra $1000 I can trade up to a 48 wb gear drive. I only have 1 customer with a fence ,and could do that one with a 21 .all the others are open. What would you do? Does it make sense to trade up a couple of times to get to a ztr even if you lose a little along the way? Or would you just stick with the 36 for now?


LawnSite Fanatic
i would stick with the 36" for now, and then save up for a 48" hydro later on. Your productivity & speed will increase greatly with a hydro. I will never go back to a belt drive.


LawnSite Member
Syracuse NY
I love my snapper 48" gear driven walkbehind. It does great on flats, slops, thick high grass, steep hills. You might want to invest in a sulky though if your doing a lot of flats. Just my 2 cents.