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    So I traded my Kees 36" belt drive walk behind for a Ryan Lawnair 28. Straight trade :cool2:. I didn't use the Kees much and figured I could make more in the long run off of an aerator rather than a mower that I don't particularly like. (It's 36", yet won't fit through some gates that my 36" Hustler ZTR fits through.) The Aerator's hood is a bit beat up, and I need to replace both back tires, but everything works as it should. I will be doing a tune-up on it as well as replacing a couple of belts before starting aerations next month (Bermuda and St.Aug, then September for Fescue).
    I'm excited to practice on my lawn, my dad's lawn, and a freind's lawn to get used to the machine and see what to do and what not to do. I have never aerated before, but I talked to the shop I do most of my business with and he said he wished more people did it down here.
    I figure that I may get several current customers who want to do it, which helps me out. I also figure on getting several non-customers who want the service. I like the idea of that because it may be an avenue into more business. We shall see how it goes. Pics soon to come.
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    good buy, Ive got the same aerator and the thing is awesome.
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    I used it yesterday for the first time on my own lawn. It took a little getting used to, but once you're used to it its pretty easy to use. No, I have to get used to driving around sprinkler heads.
    My timing could not have been better though. I aerated yesterday, then laid down Texas Bermuda seed last night. It started raining at about 3 this morning and hasn't stopped yet. ;)

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