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    I am thinking about trademarking my name and logo cause i do plan on expanding. I am wondering if anyone has did this? Should I spend the money to do this?

    Also there is another company named the same as mine in another state registered as a LLC under the same name as mine but in another started but they have a service mark near there logo but i did a trademark search and there is no trademarks of any kind under my business name, does a LLC automatically register as a trademark (service mark)
  2. dieselfuel

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    pay the couple hundred bucks and trademark your name and logo - im going through the process now.
  3. grandview (2006)

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    There are tons of "Grandview" out there,even in NY. But I'm the only one that is Grandview Landscaping & Snowplowing Inc.
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    I am no intellectual property attorney, but it is my understanding that registering a trademark is not necessary to have the right to prevent others from later beginning to use the trademark. However, registering makes it easier to prove the date from which you have rights to the trademark.

    The process to register a trademark may be simpler and less expensive than you expect, if you will be satisfied with a state registration. It may be something you can do yourself for well under $100.

    There is lots of good information from the US Patent and Trademark Office at

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