Trading in Wright RH for Grandstand or V-Ride???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BetterLawnNGrdns, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. BetterLawnNGrdns

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    We've had our Wright stander for abour three years now (52" Rapid height 19HP) and it has been a POS to say the least. It was really an impulse buy because we needed a faster stronger mower for our new bigger commercial contracts in 2008. We've only run Scag walk behinds since we started back in 2003 and I love the quality of cut with the velocity decks. I recently went to the MidAm show this past Thursday and Friday and I was able to see the new Grandstand in person. Let me say it looks like it can do some work.

    The negatives of our Stander:

    -The 19HP isn't enough power and is burning oil bad
    -The leaf and grass blowout from the front is a pain
    -Cuts slow
    -Throttle Cable breaks every month
    -Has terrible cut quality even with blades with medium and high lift
    -HORRIBLE traction/ rutting when the grass is wet

    What we're looking for:

    -More Power, speed, etc.
    -A QUALITY cut like our Scag walk behinds with Velocity Decks
    -Better Traction and less rutting
    -More productivity!

    So what do you guys think??? 52" Grandstand or 52" V Ride???
  2. dubblet125

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    sounds like the new stander x would work out perfect for you. seems like they fixed all of the negatives that you listed.
  3. stonebridge

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    52 grandstand with 23hp is great hold hills great and cuts great, scag is great to, but i like the fact toro is cheaper and cheaper to fix if needed and there is service all around to get it in and out if i need it to be fixed. no problems with it.
  4. TheOctagon

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    Dont forget Scag v-ride gets fleet pricing in feb. for purchasing just one machine. That could help make your decision.
  5. BetterLawnNGrdns

    BetterLawnNGrdns LawnSite Member
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    I'm leaning towards the Grandstand just because the Toro reps I talked to were so confident in the 2011 grandstand and you can't beat a 4 year 1200 hour warranty. Has anyone ran a 60" and a 52"? I would rather get a bigger mower but I don't know if a 60" will be too large for our medium size accounts (7,000 square feet) I read in another thread the grandstand has great handling and manuverability.
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  6. grahambino2001

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    I have run Wrights for the past 5 years . One is a fixed deck stander, the other a sentar. Both 52". The Sentar has a really good cut, but leaves alot more clippings when wet. The Standers cut is by no means perfect and often have to double cut in less than perfect conditions.Mechanically not too many problems, although I did have to replace one engine at 1500 hrs( not really wrights fault) I too am looking into a few other options, but I dont know what else will do as well on hills as i cut alot of steep stuff(almost half of my yards have steep hills). Ive really been considering the V-Ride. The only thing that really concerns me about the Scag is where the platform sits. I usually have to go up steep hills and then back down them with the Wrights. They do really well at this because of the position of the plat form. Can anyone compare this for me?

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