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    Hey PJ, I am looking at getting a new FT 48. From the WS it is saying that it is only available with the Kawi 19?? No Honda or Kohler options? I am looking at spending 5K, am in the ball park? I am selling my Hustler MFT 42". It is still in almost new condition, it is a 07 what do you think I can ask for it? I think I asked you before, but I don't recall what you said. I just need a number to start with, I was thinking anywhere from $2K to $2500. Thanks.
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    The only model 48" FasTrak we produce is a Kawasaki powered unit, we have stopped making the Kohler and Honda powered models.
    If you would like a Honda powered unit you would need to step up to a FasTrak SD.
    You may be able to find a Kohler or Honda powered unit in dealer inventory though.

    Here are the 48" FasTrak models and MSRP's

    FasTrak, 19HP Kohler / 48" 928267 $5,729
    FasTrak, 19HP Kawasaki / 48" 928275 $6,099
    FasTrak, 18HP Honda / 48" 928520 $6,249

    I am guessing you could get 3 to 3250 on a retail sale for your current mower, it really depends on the market and the time of the year and condition of the mower.

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