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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by FrankenScagMachines, Sep 21, 2004.

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    it's not all done yet though, just mostly complete. I picked picked up the steel mesh cage for $20 from a buddy!!! We put the blowers in it and the 2 cycle mix can (don't take straight fuel just pull up to the pump with the trailer and mowers). so we can lock stuff up in it, thats handy. i finally got locks for everything- 4 locks keyed the same for the cage and trimmer rack (two on each) then a cable with a lock for the Lawn Boy.

    Instead of building a tool and storage box on the front of the trailer i was even thinking about just making the front 6' of it enclosed (all in front of the side gate) like enclosed trailer type. With a side door to get in it and a big door facing the rear of the trailer. Or just make it go all the way to the rear side of the side gate, and make that side gate be the only door? You could lock it and have lots more storage space. Of course then the walk behind mowers would be in it but thats ok.... Hmm.... well it's somethign to think about. I probably won't do it anytime this year. Probably a winter project or something to do next spring before we start mowing, but for now it's very usable. I need to run the rails across the fenders to tie in the back and foward sections of the trailer- it sags too much in the back with weight on it, that would strengthen it alot. The brakes and lights work like a charm- i'm so pleased. So far i have hauled with it:
    All the mowing equipment (mowed with it a few weeks now)
    3 garden tractors and attachments for them plus some spare tires and wheels.
    194? John Deere MT antique tractor (estimated weight by owner about 2500#).
    1992 Honda Accord 4 door+1980 Cub Cadet 782 hydro 17hp garden tractor all in same trip.

    It has handled all of this just fine. It is gobs of room for my regular mowing :)

    Pic 1 shows the rear lights- it's got all the usual plus the 3 marker lights (for vehicles over 80" width), with a red reflector on each side of this marker light strip, backup lights with a backup alarm. I placed the taillights and backup lights up a couple feet on the gate, which puts them roughly 44" off the ground. This puts them where everyone can see them not just the guy directly behind you. It also has two sets of amber lights on each side- each set has a running light and a turn signal so two runners and two turns on each side, then it has amber reflectors in the middle of the sides too :) it is definately noticable at night :)

    on the tongue- spare tire mount, mesh screen step to walk across the tongue or just to stand on to get higher for any given reason, safety breakaway box with batter charger, safety chains, 7 pin plug for all the electrical stuff. I did all the lights, wiring etc. myself on it also.

    The last pic shows the trailer with the stuff on it but not the w/b and Lawn Boy.




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  2. fga

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    nice work you do, really.
    was just wondering what you (or anyone else with an open trailer) does with the equipment at the end of the day? do you have to uload everything and load it up everymorning? or back it into the garage? i've been looking for a trailer for awhile now, and can never make up my mind. i would hate the loading everyday in an open trailer. what do you do?
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    Just back the whole trailor and truck into the shop. Easy as can be, also I keep my theft deterent with it, and it ain't a taco bell dog LOL

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    you win a prize for being the 1,000,000 person to throw that at me! :laugh: my puppy doesn't have the bite, but surely has the bark... to let me know what's going on...
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    You know that big trailer DEFINITELY puts you into needing a DOT #, don't you? It doesn't cost anything to apply and get one, but making sure you comply with all the details is where the $ start adding up!

  6. Eric 1

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    That come out nice man.

    But were you been the last 3 weeks or :drinkup:
  7. FrankenScagMachines

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    yeah working lol...... i haven't done anything to the trailer in the last couple weeks really just using it. i had got it to this point but too busy to take pics and post.
  8. 65hoss

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    Very nice work. I admire you willingness to tackle any project.
  9. proenterprises

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    congrats eric, looks like another fine project.
  10. wriken

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    I could'nt have said it any better.

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