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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GLC, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. GLC

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    Hey guys!! I am thinking about getting an enclosed trailer. I want the single axle one cuz it turns better and I will be in and out of small drive ways. I was thinking like maybe a 12 footer carrying a scag TT with 61" cut and a 36" GD scamper walk-behind. I know it will haul it but anyway my question is...Will a single axle be able to track straight at 65 to 70 mph on the interstate? What do u guys suggest....a bigger trailer or an open trailer for interstate driving? Thanks for all yalls help!!

  2. They do it with motorcycles all the time, why wouldn't it with lawn mowers.
  3. 2 man crew

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    Either trailer will do fine on the highway as long as you have more weight toward the front. Fish tailing is caused by too much weight being toward the back of the trailer.
  4. IBGreen

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    You need at least a 16 ft. DOUBLE axle trailer. Double axles just pull better they don't sway as easily and if you have a blow out you'll still be able to make it to a service station or something. If you get a 12 footer you will be kicking yourself later because you will run out of room. On top of that a longer trailer backs easier.
  5. Gravely_Man

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    It will work fine using either a single or a double axle trailer. You do not want to have too much weight on the front of the trailer or the rear of the trailer. Contrary to what 2 man crew suggested you do not want too much tongue weight. A trailer must be loaded correctly to pull at its best.

  6. Five Star Lawn Care LLC

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    IBGreen you hit the nail on the head, you plan on expanding anytime in the future? I allways go with th concept pay a little now or a lot later. if you buy a 12" this year and in 2 years you decide i need another rider it going to be a pain in the ***** cuz your going to have to shell out the $ for the rider then try to sell you 2 year old enclosed you will probably get 2/3rd of what you paid for it and that is if you are luckey and then u have to go out and buy a brand new trailer, probably build shelfs in it again, letter it agian. so in the long run i would say it might be a wiser decision to go big enouth to u can atleast fit another rider in when u want to
  7. lsylvain

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    be carefull to check out your local laws on trailer weights. A couple of guys around here with enclosed trailers get pulled over alot because the cops want to make sure they have breaks and such. They can't see what is inside so they assume you are hauling a car or something. The didn't get into any trouble or anything, but it was a hassle for them.
  8. Boycea

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    I would go with no less than a 16' dual axle. I bought a brand new 12' last spring, and by mid summer I was kicking myself for not going bigger. At the time all I needed was the 12' trailer, but you never know what will happen and what equipment you may need down road.
  9. IBGreen

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    Another goor thing about tandem axle trailers (enclosed anyway) is that they come with brakes on both axles. And most of the time the dealer will install the brake controller for you for free! But you will have to harp on them sometimes.
  10. PR0 TURF

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    Always buy bigger than you think you'll need at the present time. Unless storage space is an issue i too, would go with at least a 16ft...better to have a lil extra space then not enough.


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