Trailer brake problems....HELP PLEASE!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Big C, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Big C

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    Here's the deal, I installed a Prodegy P3 break controller on my 95 Chevy 2500, which included full wiring of the truck from the brake contoller to the hitch. About 2 weeks after installation I noticed my truck's shift would stay stuck in park,not allowing me to put it in drive, while at the same time my break controller quit showing voltage readings when appying the breaks & my break lights quit working on my truck and trailer as well. I checked all relays and fuses all were good, retraced wiring for grounds all was good. What I did find wrong was the break pedal switch cracked and not making contact since then the breaks have worked fine (for the past 4 monthes).....Well today while going to a job on a very bumpy road) I started having the same I missing something here?
  2. unkownfl

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    Your brake pedal switch is bad. It has to work for it to unlock the shifter. It sounds like it faults intermittently; therefore, you can get it in drive sometimes.
  3. dsittler

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    I have to agree, defective brake pedal switch.

  4. Big C

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    Yeah I was planning on changing the brake pedal switch again....just found it strange that 2 of them went bad within a few monthes of installing the electric brakes.

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