trailer brake question. please help!!!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CAG, Mar 14, 2008.

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    2004 big tex 10pi trailer.. my lawn guy told me at the end of last year the breaks seem to be going away.. i figured a adjustment was needed so i did it the other night to get it ready for the season.. well only on tire is locking up and it the drivers side rear and i will add its when its on jack stands not sure if it willl lock up on the road. i can get the tires to lock up my over adjusting them but not with the break box manually or with the break pedal. also if i pull out the brakeaway wire nothing happens either. all other lights work fine. trailer is used daily but locally just went through the org tires to give u guys an idea of mileage.. any suggestions would be great im going to try to fix this weekend.. thanks chris
  2. Raven386

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    where in CT are you...?
  3. CAG

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    middlesex county.. i would also like to add if anyone has a wiring diagram they can post that would be great.. thanks
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    Trailer brakes take a beating since most people dont take the time to properly adjust the controler. My guess is that the shoes, drum or both are probably worn out, but it might just be the simple electric magnet inside the drum thats getting weak. Either way, if you adjust the brakes tight and they still wont lockup, check for voltage at the wheel. Voltage should vary according to the setting on your controller. Also the controller has a adjustment for the pendium inside the controler that might be the culprit. This has to be adjusted according to the angle the controller is mounted in the truck. Not sure if this is true on the newer trucks with built in brake controllers. If your controller is properly adjusted and you are getting voltage at the wheel, then pull the drums and check the shoes and drum for wear. If these are good also, then replace the magnet inside the brake assembley.

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