Trailer brakes locking up

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by NEUSWEDE, Apr 18, 2005.


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    I got a brand new Bri Mar Dump Trailer ( tandem axel GVWR 9900). I put in an impluse brake controller from the auto parts store that has a digital display. Lately the front axel has been locking up when applying the brake to slow down for a light. The intensity was only 10&-15% which is low. This morning I had my Exmark TTHP and turning into a drive way braking to slow down the brakes locked up and it was only at 10%. What's going on. I have used other trucks with trailers with brakes and never had this problem. Could it be the controller? It was a cheap controller only $70. Any input? I really don't want to get flat spots on trailer tires or kill the truck brakes.
  2. Mlc gmc03

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    is your trailer sitting level if its a twin axle it has to be sittin even otherwise if the front is up to high it puts everything on the back and then your front tires smoke look inbetween the two axles idk what its called but there is part of the suspension there and if its bottoming out on the frame u need to get a different hitch
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    Is there only the one adjustment on the controller? I know a lot of them also have a sensitivity setting, which you can adjust as controls the 'reaction' or 'aggressiveness' to the brake signal....the intensity usually controls the amount of output to the trailer brakes. It could also be that the trailer brakes are set up a little too tight....maybe check the settings there too.
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    I get that as well under different conditions. As said above it depends on how level the trailer is sitting and the weight distribution on the trailer. If you add more weight forward of the front axle it will weight the front of the trailer down making the front axle brake more effective. Typically the back axle carries the majority of the weight, which is why your not smokin the back axle. I am guessing your getting this mostly when it is empty or the weight is in the back of the trailer. I doubt the controller is to blame.
  5. specialtylc

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    I would blame the controller. It needs to be installed correctly and adjusted properly. The newer controllers have as many as 3 different adjustments.
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    It is the new-ness of the trailer. Mine did it too. Once you pull it a while the shoes will seat properly. Just turn it down further. BTW, I have that controller as well. Never 1 problem. You just have new brakes!
  7. Boycea

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    I had the exact same problem on one of my trailers and it ended up being the brake control box that is mounted on the trailer frame. It was a relatively new trailer and only cost $80.00 to fix. The box is located right near the tongue of the trailer.

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