Trailer Brakes Need Help

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AVERDEROSA, Mar 25, 2005.

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    If those breaks have not been serviced/adjusted/inspected and they are 8 years old, you can pretty much assume they don't work.

    Raise trailer, spin wheel. Have helper activate brake controller. You have then confirmed they don't work.

    Are they "humming?" The magnets should hum.

    Take the drum off. You need to do this anyway if its 8 years old and has not been greased.

    Probably a Dexter axle.

    If its the 5-lug drum brake, and the drum is not gouged by the magnet or shoes, its a keeper, otherwise its a doorstop.

    If you need new brakes and its a 5-lug, you can get the whole assembly cheap and Nothern Tool, cheaper than just the shoes from a trailer dealer.

    Northern has the drums, and complete brake units. If there is any need for shoes, or magnets, you are better off time and probably money wise just to start fresh, as everything is probably rusted anyway, and keep your old ones incase you need spare do-dads in the future like spring/magnets.


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    Thanks everyone for your help. Just hooked up to another truck. Same story. My first description was not exact. Here is the real deal. Drawtite activator 2 reads 0.0 when you step on brake. If you manually activate controller will read what its set at. ( ex. 7.5) I am going to try next and see if I hear a hum. If i do not i will ckeck the ground this is what my local trailer place told me to do. Hope this works.

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    O by the way the controller does not read (OL)
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    Albemarle Lawn has it right, I can almost guarantee. Take your wheel apart and you will find your coils are worn away and have wires exposed causing a short. Replace the brake and you will be back in business. Quit wasting time with grounds (dont think this is it) and pull off the wheel!

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