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Trailer Brakes


LawnSite Bronze Member
Wichita, KS
When I hit the brakes in the truck the trailer brakes seem to jolt the truck. It doesn't seem to transition very well. Is this common? I was thinking since they were electronic brakes they might be all or none? I have been using the intensity nob to adjust them as I brake, and it seems to help out quite a bit. Just tends to be a nuicense.

LawnScapers of Dayton

LawnSite Silver Member
Dayton, OH
I have that problem when they are turned up to high for the load. Pardon my lack of knowledge. But my controller has 2 slide controls. I always start with them both in the middle and work from there.

I usually let the trailer brakes slow me down.


Rich's LS

LawnSite Member
Houston Tx
You want it to be smooth.. I would start with it weak and then progress from there... Remember that if you need them to stop you more once in a while you can use the manual switch to stop on a dime... If you have the brakes on the trailer stop you then they will wear out real quick.... Hope this helps